Kolja Annussek : Monaco’s New Favorite High Fashion Brand

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Kolja Annussek : Monaco’s New Favorite High Fashion Brand

We are all shaped from our childhood experiences. We are transformed by the art, music, and culture in which we embed ourselves. We are in fact, the products of our environments. But as time goes by, we quickly realize it is up to us to create the future in which we envision for ourselves. For Kolja Annussek, and his luxury streetwear brand, he did exactly that.

Growing up, Kolja quickly fell in love with basketball and American football. While immersing himself in sports and the greatly influential coaches that came with them, attached with exposure to American sports came the culture and style of music known as hip-hop. Kolja became a sponge to the abundance of culture; with this culture came a unique sense of fashion and style. Self expression through clothing was just another form of art in a melting pot era of pushing artistic boundaries - Kolja Annussek represents a product of that environment. 

The eponymous luxury brand consists of highly unique 1 of 1 shirts; with Season 1’s collection consisting of a limited edition release  of 120 units. Each shirt created with grade 1 genuine python leather, hand stitched embroidery on the highest quality cotton; introducing an instant exclusivity, and high level design aesthetic to the world of fashion. At the forefront maintaining a unique design and high quality craftsmanship, each garment has truly become a work of art. Monaco has always been a hub of unique fashion so there’s no question why it has taken a liking to Kolja Annussek. As streetwear continues to pique the interest of Monaco’s most stylish and influential, the bold, fashion-forward designs by Kolja Annussek will continue to pop-up around the world’s most affluent city-state. 

The brand also offers premium customization to each shirt, creating raribility with time. As Kolja stated “It’s not just a t-shirt, It’s a piece of art” 

Not every bespoke clothing brand can attest that their inspiration has come from a culture that exists in every part of the world. Kolja is of German descent, and state’s that one day walking in Amsterdam he passed a store showcasing in their front window a leather jacket with genuine python leather stitched into it. The inspiration may have been there long ago but this was the moment that the unprecedented streetwear brand “Kolja Annussek” came to life. 

Kolja has always strived to bring a unique exclusivity to the world and he is doing exactly that; it's no surprise the community of Monaco is strongly gravitating towards the brand. You can find the newest clothing at www.koljaannussek.com and follow the luxury streetwear brand as it pushes past boundaries of modern day fashion ideals at their instagram @koljaannussekofficial. Season 2 of “Kolja Annussek” is currently in the making and will be released in 2022, with expectations of new unprecedented out-of-the-box designs and pieces. 


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