Jimmy Bennett: Law Of Attraction Teacher Who’s Gone From Homeless To Multi-millionaire


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Jimmy Bennett: Law Of Attraction Teacher Who’s Gone From Homeless To Multi-millionaire

Your mindset can hold you back from achieving success, causing you to believe that you are limited by your circumstances. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You could be the smartest person in the world, but if you believe otherwise, you will never achieve your full potential. Mindset is the key to reaching your goals and nobody else understands this better than Jimmy Bennett, a serial entrepreneur and mindset coach from the United Kingdom who rose from being homeless, involved in gangs, and living on the streets to becoming a multimillionaire in less than a decade. What changed, you may ask? His mindset, which he explains fully in his upcoming book release. Now, Jimmy has dedicated his life to helping others change their mind to create lives of their own design.

So far, Jimmy has coached thousands of people all over the world, helping them break through their self-imposed limitations with one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars, keynote speeches, online training courses, and more. Through his belief mindset and financial literacy program, Jimmy has helped those people achieve their own version of success in whatever field they are occupying. His goal is to help countless people globally achieve success, by empowering them with the mindsets necessary for them to find financial freedom and create generational wealth. 

Apart from being a mentor and mindset coach, Jimmy is also the CEO and founder of multiple seven-figure businesses at home and abroad. Jimmy lives in Dubai but travels around the world, sharing the importance of mindset change with thousands of people.

However, his journey was not without its challenges. Failure was Jimmy’s constant companion, and Jimmy was also diagnosed with a debilitating illness when the business was still young. Despite all that, he soldiered on and expanded his empire, which has now paid off. Living on government benefits Jimmy created a dream of what he wanted his life to look like and then began saying no to everything that doesn’t align with this vision. 

Self-worth was a massive hindrance for me says Jimmy, I believed I deserved nothing. This mindset led me to a whirlwind of hustling from one dead-end job to another, getting involved in violence and gangs, dealing drugs, and battling depression, ultimately ending up in hospital following a failed overdose. Being homeless was the ultimate humbling experience, although this was information that I felt too embarrassed to share with people. I used to go out every night to find a partner just to have somewhere to stay, my life was literally lived out of an Adidas shoulder bag, nobody knew that was all I had. 

This is why Jimmy feels his story is important to share, his “if I can, anybody can” message has inspired many, and whilst he now lives a very different life to what once was, he finds himself drawn to helping those in similar circumstances to his past. “Our legacy is found in what we give, not what we have” states Jimmy.

A passionate philanthropist, Jimmy Bennett has developed a need to help vulnerable groups, he has used his wealth and experience to give back to his own and various other communities. He has paid for people’s medical bills, debt, and college tuition. But a cause that is closest to his heart is helping the homeless. His biggest goal to date is to help people on a scale which is why he is excited about the launch of his new book “zero to 100”.

 Jimmy also hosts other top personalities who share moving stories of triumph over many life adversities. For example, he recently played host to Les Brown, a globally celebrated speaker, and the Wolf of the Wall Street businessman Jordan Belfort. Jimmy invites these personalities to share their stories and give hope to the hopeless in the world. He trusts that many people worldwide need someone to remind them of their self-worth, just like he did many years ago.

“Never beg for a seat when you can build your own table,” Jimmy says. His mission is to help people realize their true value and potential and leave a legacy that will continue well into the future.

You can register your interest in Jimmy’s upcoming book release on his website.


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