Jenny Gordienko: How To Become A Successful Influencer And Monetize Your Blog?

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Maria Grazhina Chaplin   Contributor

Jenny Gordienko: How To Become A Successful Influencer And Monetize Your Blog?

Many people dream of fame, collaborations with famous brands, and millions of followers. However, they don't even make the first move to get closer to their dream. How to become a well-known influencer? What to start with? And how not to abandon this idea in a month? Jenny Gordienko has shared her knowledge about this. 

She is a Ukrainian influencer and TOP influence-marketing expert, ex-Nike marketer, TEDx, and ELLE Active Forum speaker. Jenny is also the author of the #1 book in CIS countries called "INFLUENCER MARKETING. How to work with bloggers effectively" and cofounder of the top Production Centre in Ukraine.

Primarily, determine what we can give the world. A good Influencer is someone who finds something he/she loves and shares it with pleasure, creating value for subscribers. Take a piece of paper and write the answers to the questions below:

What makes my eyes blaze? What am I willing to do day and night for free? It can be a hobby, work, recommendations to girlfriends on style, and in case of breaking up with a boyfriend.

What advice do people most often ask me for? Relatives, colleagues, friends. We often don't realize that we are blessed with unique gifts until others begin to notice them.

What am I best at doing? What am I skilled at, and which my abilities or knowledge are better than others? Or what topic would you like to learn that much to become an expert?

The best blogs are created at the intersection of skillfulness, ability, and passion. Therefore, I recommend taking the answers to the questions for the main topics of your blog.

The next stage is to create a content plan for posts and stories. Divide your content into three main blocks:

1) 40% — useful content on the topic of competence: tips, tools, collections, and recommendations that are valuable to subscribers;

2) 30% — selling content: either you as an influencer (for example, the top 10 facts about me, 3 of which are lies) or your services, products, consultations. In order for people to subscribe more actively and get involved in the content, select your fuckups or ridiculous situations – this brings you closer to the reader, and he gets to know you from different sides;

3) 30% — entertaining, lightweight, unobtrusive content. For example, a selection of books, films, or a beautiful, profound quote. Imagine that a person had a difficult week: on Friday night, he opens Instagram not to load himself with complex terms but to get distracted – what would you like to tell him about?

When there is no content plan, you have no idea what will happen tomorrow. You wrote three posts, then forgot them. You may be out of sorts, or the weather outside is bad. Therefore goodbye blogging. And when an influencer faces emotional burnout or a lack of new ideas, a content plan helps keep blogging two weeks after launch.

Promotion. You can start promoting right after you have posted at least nine excellent posts on the blog topic: the value of the content is clear, beautiful, and compatible visuals, the presence of regular stories. How do you know that you are ready? Ask relatives and colleagues what is read on your profile in the first five seconds: is the profile header clear, does the visual reflect the essence of the texts, is the competence visible? If so, let's move on.

There are free and paid promotion methods.

Free options are mutual PR and comment. Find like-minded people with common values and the same (approximate) number of subscribers, and agree on mutual advertising in stories. You can talk about each other and think over different formats of collaborations, where you will change over the audience. For comments, you visit the pages of famous bloggers and appropriately, meaningfully comment on their latest posts immediately after posting. The best comments gain thousands of likes and get to the top within an hour after the post is released, and the majority go to your profile. For example, suppose you have a blog on proper nutrition, and a well-known blogger has just made a post asking how to stop eating chocolate at night. In that case, a relevant and expert comment will definitely draw attention and subscribers to your profile.

Paid promotion methods are bloggers' advertising, participation in various marathons as an expert, participation in giveaways and sweepstakes, and targeting.

How to attract advertisers, and how to monetize the audience?

Brand managers and influence marketers always search for new faces and quality bloggers. There is a current trend toward micro-influencers since if you have a truly loyal audience and good content, well-known international brands with five thousand subscribers may start to contact you.

How to speed up this process and attract attention to yourself? 

Start thinking like an influence marketer. They already follow those bloggers who match the brand's values, and it means that you need to promote yourself through them – order advertising, mutual PR, and create joint projects. If your content, target audience, and values match – offers from advertisers won't be far behind.

The most important is a positive reputation. In the digital age, online word of mouth travels at the speed of light: both positive and negative reviews of bloggers. In live dune, an advertiser can easily check you for cheats. In revision, they can find genuine reviews and indicators from previous customers, and the content of comments under posts will tell everything about your audience. Only being environmentally friendly in communication, responsible in performance, and result-oriented can attract a lot of well-known brands for cooperation and build a positive reputation.

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Maria Grazhina Chaplin   Contributor

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin is a 20-years experienced journalist, founder of City Life Media Group, and founder and CEO of the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards.