Is The Metaverse The Future For Events? The Future Innovation Summit & Gamium Seem To Think So


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Is The Metaverse The Future For Events? The Future Innovation Summit & Gamium Seem To Think So

 “Opportunities are made, they do not just lie around waiting for someone to grab them.” – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

 This May 12, at the conclusion of the 2nd edition of the Future Innovation Summit at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai, UAE, Adnan Al Noorani, CEO & Founder of the Future Innovation Summit and Chairman of the Board at the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi and Group of Companies, posed the question to Roberto de Arquer, Chief Metaverse Officer and Cofounder of Gamium  “Where do you see areas for improvement here Roberto? What can we do better?”  Roberto’s response was “Why are there only 2,000 people attending? The whole world needs to be able to be part of this.”


“Progress is impossible without change.” – Adnan Al Noorani

 The Future Innovation Summit (FIS) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is an annual conference and exhibition that unites top leaders in business and government in a holistic, authentic, and collaborative environment.  Global leaders, leading-edge entrepreneurs, and individuals alike share their expertise, knowledge, and technologies to help lay a foundation for future vision and innovation over a wide range of sectors. The three top global categories at this year’s FIS were Space, Metaverse, and Sustainability.

With participants from 41 countries, 50 exhibition booths, and 19 hours of sharing and discussions, the Future Innovation Summit packed a lot in two content filled days. 


“We must not deal with each other as B2B, or B2C. We must deal as H2H (Human to Human)” – Adnan Al Noorani

Limited spaces in event venues, online event preferences due to the pandemic, and travel concerns contributed to only 2,000 people who could experience the summit in person.  Roberto witnessed the dynamic creative thinking and positive energy presented at FIS and shared his vision of holding the next event both in person and virtually within the Gamium metaverse during his meeting with Adnan Al Noorani.

The two parties continued to meet over several occasions to reach an agreement. In their alignment and eagerness to embrace the future, it was agreed that the next edition of FIS would be held simultaneously, in person and in the metaverse. Making it the first event in the Middle East to do so.

By replicating itself in the metaverse, Future Innovation Summit will offer an immersive sensation full of possibilities and provide a leading example of the future of social interaction. The Gamium vision of the metaverse is not to replace the physical reality but to compliment it.

 Both physical and virtual realities will be combined to create a unique experience for all the attendees using Gamium's leading-edge technology. A combination of cameras strategically placed on the stage will capture what is happening in real-time. The image processing will ultimately enable online attendees the ability to enjoy the event in virtual reality and 3D by creating volumetric graphics of everything, including the movements of the speaker and live attendees. Each virtual attendee's avatar will even be able to raise a hand and ask a question to event speakers in real-time. Avatars will also be able to network and meet other attendees in a way that was never previously possible. Everything will be designed with high-quality realistic images created by architects and 3D artists. The Future Innovation Summit in Gamium's decentralized metaverse will be accessed through different categories of NFTs, each associated with a series of features. Special benefits such as better seats, exclusive merchandising, or privileged access to specific meetings will be available.

"The metaverse isn't coming to replace real life. Both metaverse and real-life will coexist, bringing humans and avatars closer together. This is an exceptional occasion to show it to the world", says Roberto de Arquer.

"NFTs and the metaverse are here to stay. That’s because Blockchain technology created a new paradigm of infinite possibilities through open protocols, new standards, and decentralized networks", highlights Adnan Al Noorani.

 Combining the in-person Dubai Future Innovation Summit event with a creative digital version powered by Gamium’s Metaverse, will provide individuals worldwide the unique opportunity to choose their preference, while setting a new standard for all future global events.


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