Into The Metaverse With The Voxxt NFT Collection

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Into The Metaverse With The Voxxt NFT Collection

Welcoming the new NFT project, Voxxt - into the metaverse. Voxxt is a Decentralised art-to-life play-to-earn adventure game, allowing users to utilise their NFT’s for gameplay. Users will Trade, Train, Battle and Earn while exploring and competing in the Voxxt Verse. Voxxt NFT’s look amazing as it is, however an interesting feature owning two Primal Voxxt NFT’s allows you to be able to send the NFT’s to the incubation chamber to create a Primary Voxxt, creating big utility for owners. Primary Voxxt NFT’s can be used to unlock missions, engage in battles and many other play to earn features all within the Metaverse. This feature is exciting because every 7 days, two incubating Primal Voxxt will progenerate a new Primary Voxxt to enter the Voxxt Verse or to be sold in the marketplace. 

Debut launch is available exclusively to those who make the whitelist. With 500 whitelist spots available to whoever is the most active and helpful to the community in the companies Discord with a total supply of 10,000. In the discord, Voxxt will also be hosting raffle style giveaways for a chance at being on the whitelist. When you make the whitelist you are guaranteed to be able to secure 2 Voxxt NFT’s before the public launch. After the time period of the presale they will then begin the public mint where you can buy up to 100 Voxxt per wallet. The public sale will be open for 24 hours with anticipation that they will sell out much sooner with the demand the NFT is building. Following the conclusion of the public sale, an ongoing raffle will be active on Twitter featuring a $100,000 USD giveaway (in the form of crypto currency) to 1 lucky winner who follows the instructions and owns at least 1 Voxxt NFT.

The most anticipated part of the release is when the mint reveal happens shortly after the 10,000 Voxxt are born into the Metaverse. With 150+ traits there will be no identical pairs. All minted NFT’s will be completely unique with some traits being more rare than others causing a higher demand for the rarest traits. When you join the discord you will see some sneak peaks at what is to come. The best place to be to engage in this community is through the discord where the owners and team members are actively answering questions and teasing images with future plans within the community as well as securing your place on the whitelist. 

To celebrate the closing of the public sale, the Voxxt team will be purchasing a land package within Sandbox, creating the play-to-earn game for Voxxt holders to then play and start earning $VOXT token. Further initiating phase 2 of the project's ongoing roadmap. There will be a community pool vested with 80 ETH+ that the community will be able to vote on decisions on how to use the funds to benefit and build out the project. $VOXT will be a currency that you will be able to generate by owning and battling with your Primary Voxxt NFT’s creating the play to earn feature to make even more passive income while being an investor and owning Voxxt NFT’s. 

Keeping the long term vision and fast pace top of mind; Voxxt is getting their members of the discord ready for the future of the Metaverse. Offering an amazing opportunity to start engaging in the NFT community. The creative minds of the founders are setting up for a breakthrough within the NFT space. The implementation of breeding and earning is allowing for limitless potential. To stay tuned with this project and what they have in store, join their discord at and on instagram


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