Instime Cofounder Vadim Mashurov On Success

Vadim Mashurov

Vadim Mashurov grew up with “ingenuity and innovation” on the brain. The Ukrainian managed to secure his first paid IT job working remotely for an American team when he was only 14 and is now rated one of the top IT entrepreneurs in his native country.

“Success is relative,” says Mashurov. “I created a business with a multimillion-dollar capitalization in Ukraine but then I flew to Silicon Valley where you are an outsider compared to the giants of the industry. The point is where to look and what to look up to.”

This view is part of what keeps Mashurov’s work fresh and interesting. Staring out his career as a salaried programming developer gave him a solid footing for his next step, which was to set up a Fintech company with a friend in 2019. The partners created a digital marketing product called Instime for social media users to successfully manage their promotion and monetization on Instagram.

“Instime is the brainchild of my partner but he insisted on a joint implementation, to which I initially declined as Digital Marketing and Social Media was new territory for me. I am a fintech specialist.” The venture was immediately successful and highly popular and it was a simple process to set up Instime.

Vadim’s exploration into the world of Digital Marketing within Social Media has created one of the leading Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) companies, accessible by more than 100 countries worldwide in just three months. Vadim’s Fintech company has also become one of the first companies in the world of development of financial markets and instruments.

“We grew up a lot when decentralized technology became popular,” he explains adding that he and his team were contacted by Google to share their knowledge, which led to the launch consultations of Google Ukraine.

For Mashurov, the key influences of success are the environment in which you begin a business, prioritizing goals and being able to use other people’s expertise. “Choose your environment, learn, set goals, prioritize and control your vices” he advises.

Mashurov also believes that higher education can help young people starting out, but the quality of education differs by country, university, and what you choose to study. “It is not the only factor in success and is no substitute for finding what you love to do,” he reveals.

Education is part of his ethos and Mashurov plans to implement “an international financial ecosystem, the purpose of which is to form financial literacy in children from the age of 7.” He also envision providing “a full range of services in the financial world on favorable terms, avoiding overpayments and useless intermediaries.”