Influential Coin GamingShiba Is Building A Decentralized Streaming Platform

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Influential Coin GamingShiba Is Building A Decentralized Streaming Platform

When technology is centralized, it is mainly governed and managed by a single corporation, agency, or individual. On the other hand, decentralized technologies are controlled or managed by a network of participants rather than a single player.

Blockchain technology has made it possible for the modern technology and contemporary environment presented by the internet as a whole. The blockchain’s impact on a worldwide scale is tremendous because it is the source of tremendous advancement, including its impact on the gaming industry. Future digital platforms will provide gamers with options and experiences they previously did not have. This signifies that decentralization is the way to go for almost all sectors, and GamingShiba is already aligning itself for this transformation.

Termed as the ultimate token for gamers and streamers all over the globe, GamingShiba is the first-ever token that will introduce the digital world and the innovation of a multi-functional streaming platform. These innovations enable gamers to purchase and sell NFTs, transform their best performances into NFTs, and launch them into the biggest NFT marketplaces. This makes GamingShiba a binding bridge between gamers, streamers platforms, NFTs, and the metaverse.

"GamingShiba aims to link gamers, streaming platforms, next-generation technologies, and the metaverse. With a team of creative professional developers, IT engineers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, our mission is to deliver the most innovative gaming and streaming platform. This mission is followed by a close partnership with NFT enthusiasts as individuals or corporations from various global regions," explains the GamingShiba team.

Essentially, it's a platform enabling players to acquire and sell NFTs by converting their greatest performances into NFTs. Players will also get the opportunity to debut them in the largest NFT markets. Furthermore, 7% of each transaction will go to Community Rewards, and another 5% going to PancakeSwap Liquidity.

A platform developed for gamers, the GamingShiba team is constantly working on surprises for the community. This includes entertaining prize-winning games that will be launched regularly to bring attractiveness to their big family. 

GamingShiba is based on fundamentals and ideas that emphasize the importance of a collective group of like-minded individuals and the unmatched ability and coordination that this coalition enables. Since its launch, the GamingShiba community has been growing rapidly attracting over 52,000 holders. They are also building a solid growing presence on social media with over 90k Twitter followers. This is a significant milestone for the team that is still working to establish a blockchain streaming platform. 

The GamingShiba team believes that the world has already seen the positive effect NFTs have had on the crypto industry. The meteverse’s influence will be astounding and forever alter how gaming is perceived. As clearly announced, the GamingShiba development team aspires to collaborate with metaverse, paving the way for GamingShiba to dominate the sector.

The mission for GamingShiba is to continue taking the lead,leveraging the fast-rising popularity of the metaverse and NFTs. The team remains fully dedicated to conducting periodic reviews with innovations to keep gamers abreast with the sector developments.


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