How To Transform Your Passion Into A Fruitful Career As Per Adrian Bo And Peter Tri


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How To Transform Your Passion Into A Fruitful Career As Per Adrian Bo And Peter Tri

One of the core rules of entrepreneurship is to launch a business based on your passion. You need to wake up every morning excited to go to work, not dread it. Successful entrepreneurs Adrian Bo and Peter Tri got to the top of their field by loving what they do. Here, they share how to transform your passion into a profession that you love.

Adrian Bo is a 32-year real estate veteran, while Peter Tri is an enterprising entrepreneur who turned a passion for food into a thriving condiment company. Transforming your passion into a lucrative career was just the first step for both of them. The next was expanding on that passion for further building their businesses. They both followed six very simple but very effective steps to create empires: discover what you love, determine the demand, do your research, make a plan, become qualified, and be flexible. 

When people are truly enamored with something, they usually have a desire to share their knowledge. Teaching can not only be fulfilling, but it can also be an additional revenue stream. Bo turned his decades of experience into a successful coaching platform. As one of Australia’s top real estate figures, his training modules have turned businesses into brands. Now real estate agents looking to sharpen their skills or get started in the industry can learn the tricks of the trade from one of its most credible names. 

Adrian Bo saw the need for an experienced coach in the market, so he launched a valuable service that has created a new source of income. Providing a product or service absent from the market which meets a need is a hallmark of entrepreneurship. Per Bo himself, he is driven by his passion and energy for real estate. How he defines this energy is flawlessly in sync with not just the industry but the modern world: “Your energy is like WiFi. It is invisible; however, it emits incredible power and can help you achieve whatever you desire.”

A passion to lead and achieve independent wealth led Peter Tri to pursue dreams of becoming an entrepreneur from a young age. He shares that he had always known that working for something that he wasn’t personally connected to or passionate about was not going to be his path in life. Peter Tri realized that his passion and purpose lay within the food industry, that he was able to clearly see his pathway to success. At the age of just twenty-one, he bought a chicken grill restaurant. This foray into the restaurant industry inspired him to pursue a career in food manufacturing. In 2007 Tri followed his passion and his intuition and invested three million dollars in a venture that he felt could rejuvenate the condiment industry. Now, Peter Tri is the founder and CEO of 8 Food, an Australia-based condiment company that supplies supermarket giants like COSTCO. According to Tri, to achieve your goals and reach the success you dream of, you need to focus on your mindset. Expanding on this, he says, “Avoid the fixed mindset at all costs! A fixed mindset makes you believe that you have reached the end of your learning journey and have no new skills to acquire. Adopt the growth mindset instead; this mindset sees everything as a valuable learning opportunity.”

Transforming a passion into a life-long profession can seem impossible at times, but Adrian Bo and Peter Tri both agree that where there is passion, there is a purpose and a business with a purpose has a reason to succeed. Adrian Bo and Peter Tri both identified needs in the industry that they loved and capitalized on these gaps. These two enterprising entrepreneurs have evolved their brands and shown the world what is possible when you embrace your passion. Those longing to turn their passion into their profession can use Adrian Bo and Peter Tri’s success stories as an inspiring roadmap.


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