How The Media And Entertainment Industry Can Shift The Power From Fear To Love With Rosanna "RozyGlow" Hanness


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How The Media And Entertainment Industry Can Shift The Power From Fear To Love With Rosanna

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W​e all have the power to bring change. Each industry has its strength and purpose in the world. What is interesting to observe is the type of reach the media and entertainment industry has over collective thought. Every day we consume countless types of content via our phones, apps, computers, televisions, and that material can influence how we feel, think, and act in the world around us. What we consume matters, making what we create a responsibility. The media and entertainment industry has the power to shift the world from a place of fear to love, and many are doing that by working with world-renowned expert and divine healer Rosanna RozyGlow Hanness. Having brought countless people towards a multi-dimensional, spiritual awakening through RozyGlow, she continues her life's work through StarPeace. A specialized program for elites, celebrities, and creatives. "'RozyGlow' is the frequency of Divine Grace - my soul blueprint. It flows through everything I create and transmit as a channel. StarPeace is the invitation to align fully with LOVE for those who wish to use their power and influence for the highest good," shares Rosanna.

The dawn of a new era

​Rosanna Hanness is the creator of StarPeace, a game-changing movement that can usher in a new era for the world. "The mind is an incredibly powerful thing. When guided by the heart, we can make great strides in the condition for all of humanity," explains Rosanna. "What we have to examine is where are we making our decisions from. Are they established in fear or love? Are we driven by greed, or are we driven to create change?" Rosanna believes that creatives are uniquely prepared to build a better world, and she helps them realize their potential.

Moving from fear to love

S​tarPeace promotes the fact that the media and entertainment industries can either save or destroy the planet. "Creatives have a responsibility to connect us and bring us together, bridging the gap between experience and consciousness," states Rosanna. "It's about decommissioning the fear matrix and putting the Divine Matrix in place." Standing for 'False Evidence/Expectation/Emotion Appearing Real,' FEAR holds the entire world back from its biggest potential. Entertainment professionals with a passion for change can shift that balance from FEAR to love by activating their Divine Human Consciousness and CoCreating power. 

Photo: James Rice Photography

Putting the focus on creativity for a new world

W​e are more powerful than we think, and creating our own reality is well within reach. "Early conditioning has a huge impact on how we live our lives," says Rosanna. "I work with individuals who aren't afraid to move beyond their unprocessed pain and into their higher selves. The world doesn't need dark storylines. Instead, it's time to uplift, ultimately changing the power dynamic. When our creative talents are genuinely unleashed, our impact increases through truth and compassion. That is when sharing is joyful, and that is how content reaches people's souls.

"​Now is the time of a great awakening, but to realize it, we have to become unstuck," explains Rosanna. "What is the type of reality you wish to amplify in this world? Once we understand that, we can move forward serving others and living at our highest potential." Fear holds us back, and love moves us forward. That is the basic premise behind Rosanna Hanness' work, and she looks towards the future as one that is desperate for creators willing to embrace love. 


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