How PGA Memes Went From Meme Page To Global Golf Brand


Thomas Herd   Brand Contributor

How PGA Memes Went From Meme Page To Global Golf Brand

With meme accounts being some of the fast-growing pages on Instagram, their popularity is often attributed to how their content is quickly digestible, appeals to the masses and is highly and easily shareable. Connecting communities far and wide by way of humor, these accounts are often quickly made into platforms thanks to their high-yielding engagement. For Travis Miller’s PGA Memes, he set out to create something that had never been achieved before—a community of humor for golfers. 

Established in 2018, Miller, an entrepreneur and golfer in his free time, created the account as a joke where he would share hilarious and relatable content that every golfer can relate to and laugh at. From there, the account took off, amassing more than 770K followers on Instagram. Within just three years, Miller has since managed to leverage the brand into a globally recognized golf media brand, partnering and collaborating with major golf tournaments and brands like the actual PGA Tour as well as the European Tour. With PGA Memes, Miller has given the golf community a place to connect and converse with one another as well as with the goings-on in the golf world. 

“Through PGA Memes, I wanted to create a platform that the majority of amateur golfers could relate to while bringing humor to the pro ranks,” PGA Memes Founder and CEO Travis Miller says. “No one was showcasing the personalities of the top Tour pros or challenging them through parody”. 

Now with such a massive following, PGA Memes yields more than 50 million a week in engagement and impressions on their Instagram account. With an immovable audience in place, Miller has sought various opportunities to expand the brand, by way of extensions of the PGA Memes brand like Hack Patrol, Hissalot, and Fore the Babes as well as the brand’s podcast Shank Happens with PGA Memes. But Miller isn’t just focused on growing the brand. In fact, PGA Memes was proud to recently announce their very own charity tournament series called PGA Memes Challenge they were able to raise more than $100K for the Children’s Miracle Network.

With brand partners and collaborators almost guaranteed to see a return on their investment when working with PGA Memes due to their astronomical reach on social media, Miller’s currently looking at exploring new content for TV the brand. With social media evolving by the day, Miller with PGA Memes looks ahead with excitement for what’s to come in this new world of social media and new mediums of content consumption. 


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