How Meta Thugs Is Bridging Collectibles & Gamification: The Next Big NFT Project

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Karishhma Mago   Contributor

How Meta Thugs Is Bridging Collectibles & Gamification: The Next Big NFT Project

With the trading volume and number of NFT projects always on the increase, it’s getting harder and harder to compete for users and bring innovative products to the market. One project is about to shake the NFT gaming and collectibles industry, setting the bar high for all market players. Meta Thugs takes NFT to the next level by combining an NFT avatar collection, a gaming metaverse, and NFT into one product and backing it with the philosophy that’s close to every crypto enthusiast’s heart.

A Meta Thug NFT will open the user up to a world of 10,000 characters from 8 blockchain gangs. The characters have all inherited the strongest traits associated with the top 100 crypto projects and companies – welcome to a world of unique features and unlimited opportunities.

Meta Thugs appeals to the market’s desire to invest in NFT projects that won’t turn to dust in a couple of months, projects that are backed by real value and liquidity. Take a quick tour around the new ecosystem and discover what new goodies the team has to offer NFT and crypto communities.

Major Moving Parts of the Meta Thugs Ecosystem

There’s no single term to describe the essence of Meta Thugs. The project merges the functionality of an NFT game and a digital art collection, interconnecting them all together.

First Layer: NFT Collectibles

Meta Thugs is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT avatars. The characters come from 8 blockchain Gangs, and each inherits 15 traits, such as skin, weapons, tattoos, etc.

The Original personas are available for sale, but the Rare and Legendary Meta Thugs must be created by using upgrade cards and the Galaxy Modificator. Upgrade cards randomly appear on the project’s website and once a week. Galaxy Modificator assigns upgraded traits randomly.

The tool is powered by Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), a randomness generator for smart contracts. This technology ensures fair distribution and robust security for the platform.

An NFT collection is one way to look at the Meta Thugs project.

Each avatar is its owner’s ticket into the NFT ecosystem, where they can craft, play, trade, and earn. Eight ultra-rare NFTs in the collection carry an encouraging 12-month sentence, where the player gets paid $1000 a month for a period of one year in any currency of their choice.

The rarity of the Meta Thugs determines what opportunities the user has within the community as well as the rewards they receive. However, at the starting point, all players have an equal opportunity to rise to the top of Gang society.

Second Layer: Gaming Metaverse

The next step on the path of the project’s development is the launch of the gaming functionality. Each Meta Thug can be transformed into a gaming character belonging to the Gang metaverse. The mythos underpinning the Meta Thugs’ story leaves a lot of room for imagination and future gaming scenarios. 

The story of Meta Thugs unfolds in the times of the intergalactic war. Driven by different motives, 10,000 inhabitants from different blockchain Gangs fled from their homes and found refuge in an abandoned city. They decided to build a new society, free from the conflicts of the past. They chose a new identity for themselves.

In time, it became a struggle for the Meta Thugs to coexist peacefully. Lust for power and a shortage of resources pushed the Meta Thugs to fight with each other. The Meta Thug Battle Arena will resemble famous fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, and Jump Force. Meta Thugs challenge other players to duels, fight in the Arena and try to rise to the top of the social structure.

Meta Thugs can undergo upgrades with the Galaxy Modificator and equip themselves with weapons from the Galaxy Marketplace to compete in the Battle Arena. The upgrade cards will randomly appear on and the Meta Thugs. The upgrade cards will be available for purchase with ETH. The Galaxy Marketplace will have a wide selection of light-sabers, sonic grenades, armor-piercing bullets, and other next-gen guns. Weapons will be sold for NFT tokens. More details will be shared in the future.

The Secret:

The artist behind the enthralling avatars of Meta Thugs is a well-known figure in this space. With an expertise of over ten years, he has merged skill and complexity in the Meta Thugs metaverse. The mystery around the artist will be unveiled post the minting.

What’s More:

Meta Thugs breaks open a source of passive income for all its players. As per the company, 10% of all transactions will be rolled back to the holders as a reward for holding Meta Thugs.

Get early access to presale here.

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Karishhma Mago   Contributor