How Lucas Lee-Tyson Tapped Into The Digital Economy To Make Millions


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How Lucas Lee-Tyson Tapped Into The Digital Economy To Make Millions

The idea of financial independence is one that many people dream about, but it’s a goal that often seems out of reach. However, with the rapid economic changes taking place around the world, this elusive concept has become more attainable than ever before. Lucas Lee-Tyson is living proof: he’s made his fortune by starting and running several successful businesses in the digital marketing and e-commerce spaces. Today, Lucas is a team leader, earning money at his convenience and helping countless business owners at the same time.

Lucas is the epitome of a modern entrepreneur, but the evident success the world sees didn’t happen overnight. The journey began in a small college dorm room when a broke Lucas started exploring the digital marketing space. By then, Lucas was sure he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life working a boring 9 to 5, so he decided to be proactive. He tried different online business models with no success, but that changed when he discovered digital marketing.

With nothing but a phone and a laptop, Lucas embarked on his new career, offering freelance digital marketing services to small businesses that couldn’t afford typical agency contracts. As the demand for his services grew, Lucas shared his vision with his family and friends. Many of them thought he was jesting because the idea of making money online was inconceivable. Others couldn’t see why he didn’t just settle for a regular job, seeing as he was college-educated and about to graduate.

Undeterred by the naysayers, Lucas continued building his business in silence. He admits it was a lonely process, but if he could go back in time, he wouldn’t change a thing. In the first year, Lucas grew the business to over $300,000 per year as a one-man operation. This upward trend continued, and in less than three years, Lucas had generated over $8M+ in online consulting revenue. As the business continued scaling, Lucas realized he wouldn’t reach as many people as he needed to by doing all the work one-on-one.          

In his third year of business, Lucas changed his business model to mentoring and coaching in the digital economy space rather than doing it himself. With his proven track record in the industry, it didn’t take long for the business to explode, enabling him to make $2M with a team of less than 5. Empowering his clients to do the work themselves also gave them better results and contributed further to positive growth. Since then, Lucas has worked with over 2,500+ business owners in almost every industry on the planet, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Lucas’ expert opinion is that the future of commerce lies in digital evolution. His mission is to empower more digital entrepreneurs and help them take advantage of this boom. Regardless of what people think or say, Lucas believes there are enough opportunities for everyone to succeed. His advice is to have an open mind, keep learning, and take risks.

“Most people stay stuck because they cannot ever truly imagine themselves in a position where they are generating an income outside of trading their time to earn it,” says Lucas. He adds that the key to building true wealth is building a business, which can be learned by following the right mentors. His goal is to be one such mentor, walking with thousands and helping them build real wealth in the digital economy.


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