How Cratos is Disrupting the Voting Industry for the Better


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How Cratos is Disrupting the Voting Industry for the Better

Blockchain technology is continuing to change and challenge the world we live in. Over the years, more and more digital currencies have been created with more people joining the market as they realize the potential. From the auction of digital art pieces to balance sheets in boardrooms, crypto has become the future of money. Countries like El Salvador have also adopted crypto as legal tender. Looking at the current trends, it's safe to say the future of crypto is promising, especially with new currencies like Cratos.

Cratos is a vote to earn cryptocurrency by sharing your opinion. It is available for trading on Bittrex Global, MEXC, PROBIT GLOBAL, Hoo, Pancake Swap, and UniSwap, with each participant earning CRTS tokens for every vote they cast. In addition, CRTS is now listed on on January 19th after Cratos had been able to obtain more than 10 000 000 votes from the community members.

According to the developers of Cratos, one of the inspirations for launching Cratos was to create a platform that would encourage a more vibrant democratic society. They wanted to change the future of voting while showing everyone that your opinion has power. Cratos is a cryptocurrency on the cratos app to encourage and compensate for various activities, including participating in voting and leaving comments.

The name Cratos was influenced by the Greek word "Kratis," meaning power and rule, which is a perfect representation of what they aim to achieve. The team says their goal is to facilitate citizen participation and encourage people to speak up and earn tokens for sharing their opinions. The data can then be used to implement some of the changes in the industry.

With a real-time voting app, users can generate a topic and invite others to participate in the voting process. This can be for a wide range of issues, including economics, politics, cryptocurrency, etc. Currently, the Cratos Korean & Global app have over 200k users, 500K downloads, over 1M vote topics, and over 7 million comments as of February 7, 2022.

Since its launch on Dec 21, 2021, Cratos Global app has attracted high interest from the public with thousands joining the platform. Like the Korean version, the team says the members will be paid to participate and cast their votes.

Among the factors that set Cratos apart is their unique roadmap. Every new member that registers on the Cratos app is awarded 1000 CRTS. This sets the pace encouraging members to be active and share their thoughts on different matters. Additionally, there are CRTS to be earned for every vote generation, comment, and participation.

Cratos is changing the normal way of voting and showing people that while we might have different ideas, every person's opinion has power. Their opinion poll is disrupting the voting industry with the data being used by various sectors. Looking into the future, the team says their goal is to redefine voting at a national level. The implementation of Decentralized Identity Technology will provide some interesting data about cryptocurrency, politics, and economics, among other topics.


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