How Altruism And Technical Solutions Led To The Creation Of Profitable And Safe Investment Models

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Jessica Walker   Contributor

How Altruism And Technical Solutions Led To The Creation Of Profitable And Safe Investment Models

Modern technology is rapidly changing traditional trading formats, automating all related processes; however, none of the currently available instruments on the market is protected against emerging risks. Today we have the opportunity to talk to Nicolas Durr, CEO of “Praem Capital”. We'll talk about sustainability, profitable, and safe investment models, and how even newcomers can become true investors thanks to a combination of technological solutions for profit generation, an exceptional economic growth model, and a partnership that gives way for investment insurance opportunities.

Nicolas Durr, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Praem Capital, is based in Switzerland and has worked in Europe and Australia, leading multi-million-dollar projects and holding senior positions in the BMS industry. Each year, he aims to expand the geographical presence of his companies and explores new markets. Fittingly, the investor gained his knowledge about building businesses from zero, which allowed him to get a deep understanding of his clients' pains, needs, and challenges. Today, Nicolas has rich professional experience in diverse fields.

If you never stop learning, you will remember that the journey is a series of new starts that make you wiser and stronger each time. That's why after receiving a Ph.D. degree in Relational Database Management Systems (RDMBSs), Nicolas sought to discover even more ways to increase the framework of his skills and knowledge. Nicolas gained invaluable experience working with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and implemented new inimitable technological solutions for blockchain projects. Later he came up with the idea of creating an innovative investment method.

This method would solve the most significant issues of any novice or an experienced investor. This idea is about intelligent investment, realized through technology that uses AI. Hedging risks and reducing or eliminating human error in trading by using complex algorithms and quite exciting solutions lead to noticeably higher investor profits. А project, that follows these principles can solve the most hard-hitting problems faced by modern investors, such as asset unification, lack of experience and knowledge, excessive emotionality, ineffective strategic decisions, small start-up capital, and the fear of losing money, among others.

An equally important element of a successful investment is the distribution of an investment portfolio. This allows to minimize risks in unforeseen circumstances and make it possible to build a market strategy in which the highest profit is predicted. This approach increases the likelihood of seeing a positive outcome – each market is selected based on implementing distinct trading strategies and financial instruments, including:

Trading bots are designed to trade on Forex and the Cryptocurrency and Stock markets. They outperform human capabilities: they can cover more transactions, process them at high speed, free trading from subjective factors, and provide continuous work for a profit.

Artificial Intelligence was created and trained to improve bot trading and has become an indispensable part of the ecosystem. It comprehensively analyses social, economic, and political data and then carries out decisions and makes valuable trading bots' recommendations.

The Private Blockchain provides distributed storage of information and fully automates all elements of the ecosystem: it synchronizes the bots' technical skills and the AI's extensive knowledge, bringing the idea of high-profit cross-niche trading to life on five different markets.

Technology plays a crucial role in complex trading mechanisms and reduces risks. And all these factors were combined in the new project of Nicolas Durr "Praem Capital".

"The most significant feature of our platform is that each investor has the possibility of earning money. It doesn't matter if you have several million dollars to invest or $100 at your disposal. Many people often ask me how to make money with a minimum capital to start out with. My answer to them is Praem Capital. It helps people feel optimistic about the future and not worry about creating a "financial cushion." The risks of investing are reduced to zero thanks to our revolutionary mechanism and security concept", - to put it in the words of the CEO and founder of Praem Capital.

Throughout 2019, Praem Capital's financial instruments demonstrated high-performance indicators. The Forex and cryptocurrency markets, the Scalping and Trending Bots, demonstrated an average yield of 16-22%, while the Trending Bot showed a yield of 6-8% on the stock market. In 2020, due to increased market volatility due to dramatic changes in the economy, the bots even managed to achieve 30% multiple times. With existing technology and multi-level transactions, even a low-income niche can earn good returns. For example, the average yield is 8-12% per annum for the real estate market. Cross-niche trading significantly increases those numbers.

Nicolas’ project will soon participate in a public tokensale. The next step is integrating a private blockchain – a distributed data storage registry – which will automate processes by synchronizing AI and trading bots. This will make it possible to create complex tasks for multi-level transactions, thereby implementing cross-niche trading's revolutionary idea.

The ERC-20 standard PRM token will allow investors to access several services until the ecosystem is launched. Each user will be able to choose one of six investment plans. Investment plans will be available only during the token sales stage. Each one provides investors with three main benefits:

  • Fixed profit from the financial instruments’ generated income
  • PRM token
  • Trading dip insurance

During two months of Crowdfunding, investors can update their plans using their increased capital. All investing plans will be valid indefinitely when investors switch to the ready-made ecosystem. Those who will not be able to join Praem Capital during the tokensale stage will have an opportunity to purchase a subscription in the future.

Praem Capital's partnership with the hedge fund marks the beginning of the company's B2B technology integration. After the launch of the ecosystem, the next important milestone aimed at the company's growth will be obtaining a FINMA license (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). According to Nicolas, the company's globalization will allow it to go public (IPO) and realize its ultimate goal – creating the Praem Exchange.

Today, this project has excellent potential for growth and development. We observe how modern technology is changing traditional trading formats, and automating all related processes, and at a high rate. Nicolas Durr explained how the currently available trading instruments on the market aren’t protected against operational risks. Praem Capital, as it seems, not only has the ability to change the lives of certain people, but also has the resources to transform the fundamental approach to the investment market and offers non-trivial digital solutions to the main issues of this industry.


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