Giezwa Pierre The Next Young Billionaire Owner Of GiezwaCoin


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Giezwa Pierre The Next Young Billionaire Owner Of GiezwaCoin

Giezwa Pierre

 Even though he is only 29 years old, his name is well known in an extensive variety of industries ranging from professional boxing across multiple businesses all the way to crypto. Being an undefeated professional boxer while successfully managing 15+ companies with one being GiezwaCoin, while aiming to eliminate major world threats cannot be unchallenging, so we decided to ask Giezwa how.

Raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Giezwa Pierre started his very first business at age 6 - a lemonade stand. He says “My dad taught me that money will never change you. It will bring out what’s inside you, either good or bad. It is our choice to stay responsible and be people of honor, respect and dignity. It is what shapes the way we use the profits.” He went on  to say “From age six, my goal was to become a multi-billionaire because of the ability to help people and give jobs. By giving a job to one person, I understand that you help the whole family, and many more associated causing a domino effect.”

 Professional Life

Today, Giezwa Pierre is the Founder and CEO of Giezwa Pierre Entreprises, Giezwa Pierre Properties, Giezwa Pierre Promotions, Plush Hotels By Giezwa Pierre, Giezwa Pierre TV Streaming Service, GiezwaCoin Pay as well as high-end clothing brands Giezwa Pierre Fashion and Rich Life Problems and more. But, how does he manage to maintain a consistent track record of success in all fields simultaneously?

“I got the hang of creating multiple different businesses and simultaneously running them all at once while maintaining my family business, my boxing career, and personal life. I love success in all ways that includes positivity. I have managed to make my own music reaching over 88 million views on the song Riding Around My City and establish myself as an artist. This helps soothe a lot of the day-to-day business meetings and operations. A good hobby that pays well is good to have. I love who I am and what I do now in the world of business and life and loving what you do is the only way to maintain success in every field in business and privately.” He also added that his boxing career has taught him major life lessons, refined his power of will, and prepared his mentality for success in business.

Giezwa Pierre was the first amateur boxer to go to the national Golden Gloves going down in weight at 141lb, 132lb and 123lb.

To what extent is being a top-notch businessman, undefeated professional boxer, fashion designer and established musician demanding? Giezwa Pierre answered that his purpose is to help others and even though he is pouring a lot of money, energy and time into successfully maintaining all streams of his life, he always focuses on what inspired him in the beginning. Providing real-world utility and giving job positions with the end goal of solving major world problems and making the world a better place.

Future Vision

We asked him, what’s next? Giezwa answered that his goal is to build the next sustainable smart city, The City Of Giezwa and eliminate world hunger, poverty and climate change. Giezwa also plans on winning world championships in boxing and becoming the first male athlete to make billions of dollars while hiring people with each professional boxing match.

 The way that Giezwa Pierre is turning his vision of building a sustainable smart city into reality is through his soon-to-be billion dollar company GiezwaCoin. 

Launched in February 2022 rapidly expanding through the web3 crypto space, GiezwaCoin is all about utility. GiezwaCoin will be accepted by every company and partner that is under The Giezwa Pierre Brands globally. Giezwa Pierre says “Our goal is to provide the ability to our holders to buy our electric cars, be able to purchase properties, pay for products they desire, and for GiezwaCoin to be accepted worldwide. Giezwa Pierre aims to turn GiezwaCoin into a currency that buys you more assets while continuing to be a growing asset as long as you hold. “The growth of all Giezwa Pierre Brands is directly associated with the growth of GiezwaCoin.”, Giezwa says, projecting the price of $1 per coin in the near future as well as a multiple billion dollar market cap within the following months which will make him the youngest black billionaire globally.

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