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MonacoTech startup O’Sol

Monaco Startup Chosen As One of World’s Best.

MonacoTech startup O’Sol, the smart solar genera- tor company, has been selected as one the world’s best 1200 startups to take part in the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) annual trade show, put on by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas. (Last year Nico Rosberg demonstrated the emission-free Schaeffler Mover with wheel hub technology that allows a shuttle to drive sideways.)

Founded in October 2016 by Maxime Cousin, Enrique Garcia Bourne and Idriss Sisaïd from a €30,000 investment, O’Sol was approached by Région SUD—France’s administrative region formerly known as PACA, which helps innovative business- es to develop and ultimately boost employment in the area—to submit an application to CES.

They’ll spend three month getting organized for “the global stage for innovation,” which runs January 7 to 10. “Some people go to CES to find potential clients, while others focus on building up huge media cover- age and a strong network,” explains Maxime Cousin. “Not everything can be done with a small team so being clear about the goals and planning ahead is key. The more you’re on cruise control during the show, the more energy you’ll have for the important things.”

O’Sol’s 3-year goal had been to launch smart solar generators to power small and medium devic- es, which charge through solar panels or regular grid power, to capture a significant share of the energy mobility market with an expected rev- enue in excess of €3 million. The differing and evolving regulatory environments, both in the U.S., EU and Monaco, posed a few challenges.

“MonacoTech brings highly experienced mentors and coaches to the incubator, which is key to growth for any startup,” Cousin insists. “As a result, we completely restructured our product strategy and go-to-market approach and worked to provide a single evolutionary product that can adapt to any client, instead of different products for different markets segment and different energy needs.”

In early 2019, O’Sol signed contracts with Airbus and CNES, and a big announce- ment in February next year will blow open the door for their commercial development.

“This was the year we refined our strategy. 2020 will be the year we kick-start our sales.”