Gamium Is Building The Foundation Of Web3 And The Metaverse


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Gamium Is Building The Foundation Of Web3 And The Metaverse

Web3 refers to the next iteration of the internet, focusing on digital ownership within an open, decentralized environment. The metaverse can be viewed as the last phase of web3 in which interconnected virtual worlds with fully functioning economies coexist with the physical world.

Metaverses are trending worldwide and have witnessed a surge of activity. People envision themselves living in virtual worlds soon. However, the reality is that the full version of these virtual worlds is still years away. The metaverse relies on hardware, tools, standards, and applications still in the early stages of development.

The foundational technologies that set the base layer of web3 and the metaverse are in their building stages. One of the most promising of these technologies are digital identities.

The current internet is known as web2, where applications store the user's data on centralized and private databases, spreading the information across multiple independent servers. However, in web3, humans can have a digital identity that they can use across all applications.

Gamium is a web3 technology company building the most advanced digital identity through their Avatar product.

The Avatar is a complete digital identity built using high-end technology such as AI, digital signatures, blockchain, and NFT technology that captures Web3 values like interoperability, decentralization, and pseudo-anonymity.

Humans can define and maintain their public profile and establish trust through all web3 applications with the Avatar. In addition, the avatar technology allows the integration of many other applications such as decentralized chats, web3 job portals, or even country DAOs.

"Soon, entities like governments will integrate our Avatar to make safer and trusted digital voting," says Alberto Rosas, Co-CEO of Gamium.

"Thanks to the avatar figure and web3 technology, you will be able to share verified personal data without the need to reveal your identity. Privacy is essential to us; therefore, we are developing a system of general KPIs when importing data from different sources to avoid keeping sensitive data from users. For example, if you want to import data of your Credit Score from Equifax, we will only save data of your historical credit score, thus not revealing your identity. This data can later be used to decrease your borrowing collateral in a DeFi app," says Alejandro Rosas, the other Co-CEO of Gamium.

Gamium is releasing a beta version of the Avatar on Q1 2022 with their Avatar Generation Event, where some humans will be able to mint their digital identity.

Gamium is also working on its decentralized social metaverse, a 3D world for Avatar interactions.

“We are building a virtual world for our avatars. This world features avatar-based web3 applications, and social features. Avatars will be able to apply for jobs, take education courses, access exclusive events, or do complex decentralized finance transactions on Gamium “ says Roberto de Arquer, CMO of Gamium.


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