From Monaco To Mayfair

Natalia Cola

Natalia Cola and artist Christian Maas unveil David Bowie sculpture at the Westbury in Mayfair. Photo: Two by Two.


Monaco is home to a myriad of eclectic individuals, enterprises and communities, emanating from diverse walks of life, from all across the globe. No doubt recognized as a concentrated center of affluence, the often-quiet Principality comes alive in vibrant displays of exceptionalism throughout the calendar year.

It’s rare for these artists or performances to be exported from the shores of Monaco but there is always an exception. Enter the unique “Natalia Cola Presents” Series, offering a glimpse of the contemporary Principality to the like-minded and equally affluent in London.

The Series debuted in March with a gala and private auction at the Westbury, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Mayfair owned by the Cola Family, amidst a packed house of fellow academics, London’s business elite and, naturally, those intrepid arts entrepreneurs and investors intrigued by the prospect of Monaco’s cultural potential redefined and brought to life in the U.K.

In the spotlight was renowned French bronze and aluminum sculptor, Christian Maas, known for his F1 MacLaren of Mika Hakkinen winning the Monaco Grand Prix in 1998 at the Portier roundabout, and collection at the Oceanographic Museum. For the “Natalia Cola Presents” Series, his works included statuesque visions of outrageous animals, embodiments of the raw sensuality of the female figure and icons of history, and a special true-to-life statue of David Bowie. (The Bowie legacy remains enshrined within the Westbury’s lobby.) Yolanda Brown, acclaimed philanthropist, BBC Presenter and jazz saxophonist, rocked the house to close the evening.

Onwards and upwards, Cola’s next Series gala will take place in Monaco featuring a surprise artist of international acclaim who has been waiting for just the right moment—and just the right partner—to make a glamorous and holistic regional debut.