From Mattresses To Lemonade, This Entrepreneur Can Sell Just About Anything

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From Mattresses To Lemonade, This Entrepreneur Can Sell Just About Anything

With a knack for entrepreneurship and a proven track record of success, Cody Caplinger is the co-founder of a leading solar company called Klick Solar, and he’s one business tycoon to keep on your radar.

Every successful entrepreneur has their own story, and for Cody Caplinger, it begins with a basket full of lemons … And what do you do with lemons? You make lemonade.

Caplinger’s knack for entrepreneurship drove him towards success at a very young age.

He started by selling lemonade in front of his parents’ businesses growing up, and by the time he was fifteen, Caplinger was making hundreds of dollars a day mowing lawns. He is a serial entrepreneur known for his forward thinking and his unique aspiration to help those around him succeed. Caplinger is the co-founder of a successful solar company called Klick Solar, and his efforts are helping propel the renewable energy industry forward. 

Caplinger doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, and believes that business is like a game, and entrepreneurs are just playing it. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Caplinger is playing to win.  

Caplinger says his journey as an entrepreneur has been fueled by a desire to prove himself to those who didn’t believe in him. When he was in highschool, a teacher discouragingly told him that he’d likely find a career working at a gas station or in garbage disposal. “I had a chip on my shoulder to prove something,” he says. And although Caplinger wasn’t the type of student who sat in the front row or stayed behind after class, he spent his time focusing on what he was good at, which was finding creative ways to make money. “I worked at a pizza place in high school, and one day we were super slow because of the snow,” he recalls. “There were all these trucks stuck in the parking lot, and I convinced the owner to sell the driver’s pizzas at a marked up price. We made a bunch of pizzas, and I knocked on those semi truck doors’ and said, ‘Hey, I got hot pizzas if you guys want something to eat.” And then we split the profit,” he says. 

After graduating highschool, Caplinger went on to college, but quickly realized he wasn’t meant to go down a traditional path. He dropped out in pursuit of the lucrative career in sales that he knew he’d be capable of.

Business is in Caplinger’s DNA, which is why it's no surprise that he’s been able to grow his company several times in size within the last two years. “Klick Solar has been able to grow from being just a sales company that subcontracts its installations to other companies, to now being a fully vertical solar company,” he boasts. It was founded in 2019, and has quickly become a trusted business in the solar industry, handling both sales and installation. 

Prior to working in solar, Caplinger worked in the mattress industry. He managed a chain of mattress stores as VP of sales, and was never shy in exceeding sales goals. With a fine attention to detail and a forward thinking attitude, Caplinger realized that the mattress industry was undergoing a major change, shifting to an online business model, and he wanted to stay ahead of the game. He soon found footing in the solar industry, where he believed there would be immense opportunity in the future.

“I believe every home will have solar on its roof at some point,” he says. “It's got a long way to go, but I know that I can build a sales force of people that will bring in customers just by knocking on their doors,” he says. 

Caplinger is a leader, and that too, one who likes to see others win. “I'm incredibly good at reading people and being able to empower them to reach levels that they don't believe they can hit on their own,” he says. He refers to this process as “manufacturing power,” and reveals that it's one of the core values he’d like his future business endeavors to operate on. “I think people put a limitation on themselves, but with the right coaching and encouragement, they can always be pushed above it,” he says. “It's really important to uplift those around me. Rising tides raise all ships, and I’m always focused on that,” he says. 

When asked to reveal one of his hacks for success, Caplinger says managing your time well and focusing on daily tasks that directly serve your goal is very important. “After having my baby, it's become really important to me to have a life that involves financial freedom. Now that my solar company is stable and on autopilot, I want to concentrate on things that will reignite my passion. I want to grow a lifestyle that is a lot less hours in the office, and a lot more taking my kid to baseball games,” he says. 

If you want to be ahead of the game like Caplinger is, be sure to visit his Instagram.


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