From Film Enthusiast To Producer: Inside The Life Of Dig IN Magazine's Cindy Maram


Amir Bakian   Brand Contributor

From Film Enthusiast To Producer: Inside The Life Of Dig IN Magazine's Cindy Maram

The biggest disruptors in the world are those who have been able to break away from the shackles of societal structures; the voices that say Ivy League-Wall Street-Family is the only way there is. Silicon Valley is a product of disruption and so is Hollywood. Cindy Maram, a woman that needs no further introduction is one person who's living her dream life because she dared to step out and believe in her passions.

From chasing the stars on the Red Carpet to co-producing one of 2021's finest movies, Cindy Maram is set for the top.

It all began as a childhood fantasy, the thrill and magic of cinema, the coordinated appeal and iconism of beautiful and captivating actors and the surreal reality of adventure, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy. It was every child's fantasy and Cindy was caught in the Web. For her, it was more than just the thrill, she wanted to know more, get into the heads of actors and filmmakers and understand what goes on behind-the scenes.

This desire was fuelled by the fact that she grew up in Los Angeles County, right in the middle of all the action. No wonder she has friends and old classmates thriving as actors and entertainers in Hollywood, as well as athletes, even succeeding in major Leagues like the NBA, MLS, NFL and MLB. Perhaps, she would've started out early as a child actor too if she perceived she'd get her family's blessings.

"Being Asian-American and Russian, with a conservative Chinese immigrant mother and an American father with roots in Russia, I was not encouraged to go to film school as it was unfamiliar territory to those in my family. Although I expressed interest, I was required to stay on the traditional academic and educational track in the school system. I went straight from high school to a four-year university and then completed my Masters degree afterwards," she says.

However, her passion for film and the entertainment industry continued to burn, so she decided to take a more passive role. She set up Dig IN magazine in 2008, an online publication focused on celebrity interviews, scoops, stories and behind-the-scenes of movies. Although initially tough at the beginning due to the low popularity of, and trust in, digital media, it is today a trusted source for celebrity interviews, exclusive stories, inside scoops, movie premieres, criticism, and even film festival exclusives from around the world.

That giant leap culminated in the establishment of IN Close Entertainment, an all-round platform for film, talent, and entertainment. However, Cindy knew something was missing. She had enjoyed the best of both worlds all this time, exploring the corporate circles and working as a journalist and media producer, as well as a film, entertainment, fashion and sports blogger, but she felt something was missing.

"I felt that vacuum being filled up when I participated as Associate Producer for the movie, Women Is Losers. It's a 2021 feature movie currently streaming on HBO Max. I'm also proud because the movie has received several positive reviews, including earning 71% on Rotten Tomatoes," she notes with a proud chuckle. She would go on to be involved in the movie's Bay Area Premiere at the 44th Mill Valley Film Festival where it won the Audience Award. The event was also sponsored by IN Close Entertainment, her Agency.

Seeing many of her classmates and friends get into the movie industry early on as kids made Hollywood feel like home. She has since been involved in many ways, especially with helping to amplify the voices and opinions of talents, bringing the exciting stories from exclusive film premieres and festivals from the United States and around the world and now getting involved in the production of a movie with such positive acclaim. Without doubts, Cindy Maram certainly looks like there's so much more she can give in the coming years.


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