Free Conference With Coronavirus Specialist At One Monte-Carlo

Free Conference With Coronavirus Specialist At One Monte-Carlo

Photo: Monte-Carlo SBM Facebook

The Monaco Mediterranean Foundation (MFF) is hosting a free conference on covid research on Thursday, May 27, at 6:30 p.m.

The discussion “Coronavirus: where is medical research at? What are the economic consequences?” will be led by Denis Duverne, Chairman of AXA, and Bruno Canard, coronavirus specialist and researcher at the National Scientific Research Center.

Harvard graduate Canard told Monaco Hebdo in April that 2021 will be “chaotic” but insists there are “plenty of reasons to be optimistic.” He put it down to several factors, including Pfizer announcing that it had started clinical trials of its vaccine against Covid-19 in children under age 11.

Canard also stated that “much progress has been made” especially in predictions. He gave the example of wastewater analysis that makes it possible to know where the outbreaks of the virus are. “From the moment we see viruses in the sewage in a neighborhood, we know that a week later, hospitals will fill up there. A year ago, this forecasting tool was almost unknown.”

The event at the Salle des Arts at One Monte-Carlo is sponsored by J.B. Pastor & Fils, Monaco Asset Management, Jutheau Husson and SBM. Registration is mandatory.

Founded in 2004 by Enrico Braggiotti, MMF aims to promote the image of Monaco and holds a spot in the cultural and intellectual life of the Principality.