EU To Allow Vaccinated International Travelers

EU To Allow Vaccinated International Travelers

Photo: Jernej Furman Flickr

On Wednesday, the European Union agreed to allow entry to vaccinated international travelers from countries with incidence rates of less than 75 cases per 100,000 people.

The EU is expected to release a list of “safe” destinations later this week, although additionl measures like quarantine and negative PCR tests may be up to the discretion of member states.

Travelers entering EU territory will have to have had an EU-approved vaccination at least two weeks before their trip and provide a “Digital Green Certificate” as proof of vaccination or immunity.

“The Commission proposes that member states lift restrictions on non-essential travel for vaccinated persons travelling to the EU. This reflects the latest scientific advice showing that vaccination considerably helps to break the transmission chain,” a statement said.

While the 26 EU states are said to be “optimistic” that the rules will come into effect for June, an “emergency brake” mechanism will be put in place should infection rates rise again due to new variants. This will allow the bloc “to act quickly and temporarily limit to a strict minimum all travel from affected countries for the time needed to put in place appropriate sanitary measures.