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Enjoy The Great Future Of Digital Era

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GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation, leading German Software, IT and Blockchain Powerhouse, chose One Monte Carlo to launch on the 2nd October 2020 an unprecedented technology aimed at making cryptocurrency transactions much easier and faster. Josip Heit, Chairman of the Board at GSB, and Alexandru Cocindau, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) presented G999 a unique electronic cash system, card device and App, inspired by the deflationary token economic model, that allows fast payments, micro fees and communication network that guarantees total privacy to customers.

Can you explain us more about your ecosystem? What are the main developed products and services?

J.H : Behind any blockchain should be the usability of it, and we've really understood it. This is usually called "white paper", the place where most of the projects are explained the developed or under development products and services.

GSB Gold Standard Bank developed its own blockchain which right now is running multiple services such as G999 Card, E-mail over Blockchain, Voice and Chat App over Blockchain, Blockchain Video Academy, Blockchain Merchant and thanks to the blockchain we can offer staking and masternode passive rewards.

Can you tell us more about your deflationary model?

A.C: The blockchain is minting 540 G999 every block, to reward the staking and masternode owners which in fact protect the network and validate the blocks. As much as our community will use G999 services, the minted quantity will be less compared to the burned tokens, therefor the deflationary token model is making the demand higher than the supply.

Do you see G999 as a 100% utility token?

J.H : There is no other coin more utility than ours. We are offering a wide are of services which can be paid only in G999.

How are you going to stop spam over the e-mail messages?

A.C : To stop the spam is pretty much impossible, but to reduce it drastically we are charging dynamic fees over the content, so spamming users will become very expensive and a lot of it will automatically dispear.

You said in the conference there will be no more lost e-mails, can you explain how the system is developed so?

A.C : Thanks to the blockchain technology, when an e-mail is sent, we confirm it over the blockchain and we return a feedback, there are 0% chances after the confirmation for the recipient not to receive the e-mail.

Is it web based e-mail platform or does it also have an app for this?

A.C : On 15th October we will launch the web based beta version. iOS and Android apps will be announced on g999main.net website.

Does it work like a regular e-mail? Can you send an e-mail to an existing e-mail address?

A.C : It is absolutely the same e-mail you are used to, the only thing which is changing is the technology behind and the way the "e-mail address" is looking like.

Let me give you an example of an e-mail address over blockchain:                                                              GKan2sSFxzJeyAp9zHQzetUCDtPkcBbyKk

Why is blockchain telecommunication different than any other chat app or e-mail already existing?

J.H : We are encrypting, broadcasting and storing everything in the blockchain, this is something absolutely unique, as long as blockchain technology is unbreakable your messages will be also.

How fast is a message broadcast into the network?

J.H : The message broadcast depends on the block validation, it can be everywhere between a few seconds and 1 minute.

Is it really at a size of a credit card? How is this even possible?

A.C : Perfectly sized as a credit card. Card thickness is 1.11-1.23mm and the display size is: 22.4 x 22.4mm.

Why did you decided to add a second factor authentication token on the card?

A.C : Along the years we had an increasing number of fake 2fa recovery from our community, we decided to make our system unbreakable for this kind of frauds. If you own the card, nobody can retrieve your 2FA again.

Who can attend the G999 academy?

J.H : The academy is open for any tech enthusiast, is created in such way that any user with more or less knowledge over the blockchain technology has something to learn.

Can you tell us more about the Open Source API for blockchain projects, this seems to be new?

J.H : Blockchain is open source, G999 is open source, we decided to make the first blockchain merchant also open source, we endorse this technology, we contribute for it and we strongly believe in the mass adoption.


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