Global Tastemaker, Claudia Afshar Embracing New Chapters


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Global Tastemaker, Claudia Afshar Embracing New Chapters

Excelling beyond boundaries in the world of design, meet Claudia Afshar, principal and founder of Claudia Afshar Design.

She is all about her passion and tenacity in design and architecture, with top-notch services that have attracted a mammoth of clients for her company.

There are a few people who realize what their hearts seek from a very young age and hence very early in their lives, step foot into the field they wish to create a robust career in. It is necessary to put more light on the journeys these individuals live for the kind of bold choices they make and the many challenges they face head-on to become their best versions. The world has noticed the rise of many such talented beings from across industries, but a few rare gems stand tall and unique for reasons more than one. Serving as an excellent example of one such incredible talent in the world of design and architecture is Claudia Afshar, the principal, and founder of Claudia Afshar Design.

Claudia Afshar hailed from London and the British countryside and currently has made Los Angeles her home. From a very young age, she was exposed to everything design and architecture, growing up with successful parents in the industry; hence, it was a no-brainer for her to naturally get inclined toward the field. She even apprenticed at her mother’s award-winning interior design firm in London and began taking on her own projects after moving to Los Angeles. Gradually, she grew her own firm, thriving on her hands-on experience and valuable skills. She loves how she can express herself as a designer, enjoying each aspect of designing; whether it is a new ground-up construction project to plan, a product line to design, or a project in the final stage of decorating, each phase brings excitement and pride, she states.

Currently, with her firm Claudia Afshar Design, they are working on several grand projects, along with many exciting new product lines, which are in production. Some will launch in 2023 and a few shortly after. As a team, under her leadership, they are working on ground-up construction projects, one, in particular, will be a showcase house for some of their product lines, and they look forward to showcasing this beautiful residence in 2024.

Speaking on one of their exciting product lines, Claudia Afshar highlights a wonderful collaboration with Cosentino/Dekton as it will include something exclusive in the multi surface space. The team now aims to venture into hospitality, such as global boutique hotels.

Claudia Afshar as a phenomenal designer and founder, has also earned many accolades in the industry. The recent being a nomination for an award by The International Design & Architecture Award 2022, for her rug collection, in collaboration with Mehraban Rugs, which she is extremely proud of.


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