Eljaboom's 10-year Journey From Being A Beginner To Becoming An MVP On The Blockchain


Karishhma Mago   Brand Contributor

Eljaboom's 10-year Journey From Being A Beginner To Becoming An MVP On The Blockchain

Crypto-tech-based influencer EljaBoom is a real-time investor, advanced blockchain portfolio advisor, and is the founder/CEO of Ajoobz.

Building Ajoobz

With an early dive into the crypto industry, Eljaboom has been one of the key players who paved the way for the widespread adoption of crypto technology and its fundamentals by the tech community. Since the start, Eljaboom has been known for his critical understanding of the market and is approached by many leading investors to make investments on the blockchain. With a growing success rate, Eljaboom decided to expand his services further and went on to start Ajoobz.

Ajoobz is the brainchild of Eljaboom and with the company, he leads a group of high-performance experts from the industry and has been dominating the portfolio management sector of the crypto industry ever since its inception. Under the leadership of Eljaboom, the company has played a significant role in changing the horizon for businesses with their crypto investments.

Building Ajoobz from scratch and taking it to the big leagues takes immense grit and understanding of the market, something Eljaboom does effortlessly. He has been a part of building the foundations of many projects in the crypto space and is known for his ethical strategies that help in building crypto-class projects.

Very recently he was invited to the prestigious Binance Blockchain week in Dubai. Binance is known to invite the best of the crypto-world to their events. Before the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai, EljaBoom was also invited to be a part of another Binance event where he met his mentor, ChangPeng Zho, famously known as CZ, the founder, and CEO of Binance.

The Twitter feed of the influencer was filled with fans and followers who were so happy to spend some time with him and gain amazing knowledge and garner some amazing Eljaboom brand merchandise for themselves.

EljaBoom’s ventures with Projects

EljaBoom expertise in the industry has helped existing projects in the industry streamline their business models according to the dynamics of the market. He educates existing projects on the need to explore integrations with NFTs, Metaverse, etc. with their current models to counter growing competition in the market that is predicted to increase exponentially.

A day in the life of Eljaboom includes attending a lot of calls with projects helping them with their business plans based on the trends of the market. He believes that any business that wants to step foot into the industry needs to be strong with its strategy. He has helped a lot of projects with their strategies, helping the projects tap into the maximum potential of the industry and stay consistent with improving their business reach despite the competition.

Before Ajoobz, Elja worked in different sectors ranging from real estate, Board Governance, Technology, and many more. He mentions that his immense experience with different industries has been one of the major reasons why he could understand the depth and breadth of the crypto-industry.

The Influencer Lifestyle

Elja's journey as an influencer started with his Twitter handle. Elja's vision was simple and clear. Make it easy and simple for the public to understand the world of crypto. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in industrial engineering. He is also been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for being a part of the largest hackathon event in Saudi Arabia.

The Twitter handle of the influencer is a honey pot for new crypto-enthusiasts. With an active following of 530,000+ followers, Elja's Twitter handle is where he mostly interacts with his followers. The social handle is being effectively followed by many for the immense knowledge it contains in the crypto world.

In recent times, Eljaboom has been actively exploring Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) owing to their immense value and their positive impact on the crypto-ecosystem. Lately, he has been updating his NFT collection, exploring more into the world of NFTs, whose updates can be seen regularly on his Twitter handle.

Eljaboom’s immense passion for the Binance smart chain and its ecosystem has given him the privilege of hosting weekly AMAs for the BNB Chain. In the AMA events, the influencer is seen discussing with the projects that are verified on the Binance Smart Chain about the fundamentals on which they operate with an aim to educate the community more about these projects.

Social responsibility is an integral part of Eljaboom’s life

Apart from mentoring young enthusiasts, building strong rigid crypto investment portfolios, and just being incredibly passionate about the blockchain, Eljaboom is also a person of social morality. He has recently been a part of a project that helps in building technological schools for underprivileged children in Nigeria.

Eljaboom has been a crypto-investor since its inception and has been reaping the benefits of the industry ever since. He mentions that for anyone to get a maximum return on investment in the crypto space, it is important for them to understand the volatility of the market and highlights the fact that it is one of the major mistakes that young enthusiasts do.

Aside from the astounding success in the crypto industry, Eljaboom is also comprehended for his philosophical take on life. In a recent podcast interview, the influencer mentioned 'To find where your passion lies, you need to try out everything that you are good at. Ultimately at the end of the day, you will figure out what works and what doesn't.

Eljaboom has been consistent with everything that he has been a part of and the future aspiration of the influencer is to create an ecosystem where crypto is widely accepted for its immense potential.


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