Elena Cardone Share 4 Pillars To 10x Your Life And Business In The Next 90 Days

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M.R. Sheradsky   Contributor

Elena Cardone Share 4 Pillars To 10x Your Life And Business In The Next 90 Days

The world of high-impact business isn’t always straightforward. In fact, bumps in the road are a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey. According to Elena Cardone challenges are nothing but opportunities in disguise, provided that you know how to make the most of them. Over the years, she has used her strengths and knowledge to build an empire alongside her husband, successful entrepreneur Grant Cardone

Distilled from her incredible journey as the mastermind behind the events, 10X Ladies, Operation 10X Badass, and Build An Empire Mastermind, four pillars have emerged as the foundation for her success. Mindset, Business and Finance, Lifestyle and Relationships.  According to Elena, the key to profound prosperity lies within the mastery of all four pillars.

Pillar 1:  Finance & Business

A viable business generates profit consistently. Although many women want to avoid the topic of money and the intricate workings of their business, mastering these elements is critical if you're going to be an informed CEO and lead an empire.

“It's important to confront money, confront your viewpoints on money, and know these three things about money: how to earn it, invest it, and store it”, Elena shares. The more you learn about money and the infrastructure required to build a profit-generating business, the less you will avoid it.

She expands on this concept: “these days, business success is about much more than the ability to read financial reports and spreadsheets. It’s also about knowing how far you can go with your ideas and when to shift focus.”

Pillar 2: Relationship

Building wealth that leaves you feeling fulfilled ultimately comes down to the relationships you hold. True richness is experienced in the moments of every interaction, every conversation, and every collaboration that empowers, inspires, and calls you forward to more. Elena suggests asking yourself some powerful questions as a form of self-evaluation.

The CEO and Founder of Coastal Kapital, a leading financial firm in Florida, Kortney Murray, believes in constant evaluation “When you pay attention to the cycle and start giving of yourself, your circle of friends and partnerships change. I honor my integrity and expect the same in my relationships. Sometimes I think it can be a little tough, but then I realize I’m honoring myself and my family by staying true to my beliefs. You cannot build with dreamers alone, so I choose to surround myself with people who take action."

In truth, one might say that the people in our lives make business rich.
Recently nominated to the board of the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, Kortney optimized her client relationship evaluation skill to help them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by leveraging financial tools. 

Pillar 3: Lifestyle

Lifestyle, in Elena’s words, “Is about having your health in order and having the energy to get things done.”

Lala Inuti Ahari established her seven-figure empire The Conjure, to give back, educate and empower each of her clients to finally take control of their destiny. Her secret — pushing through with the idea that she so fervently believed in and making them part of everyone’s lifestyle. 

“Many people believe that they are trapped and have no power over their situation. My mission is to change that narrative, and as a result, people are allowed to see the beauty in taking care of their spiritual health the same way that they take care of their mental, physical and emotional health.” Lala shared.  Making choices that align with your values and authentic self gives way to optimized productivity levels. The bi-product: sustained success.

Pillar 4:  Mindset

10x’ing your life and business demands you to be at the helm of it all, and as Elena shares, it begins with your thinking. Assuming the responsibility of the Master-architect of your life gives you the power to shape your entire future.

“Building an empire will require an investment from you. To get to a place where you want to be, you have to be willing to give something up.”

It’s a concept that Jamie Flanagan, CEO of Big Picture Real Estate Group, can attest to: 

“When limiting beliefs start to creep in, I ask myself if they hold the truth and what I can do to overcome them. I follow up with a specific and dedicated plan, and as Elena says, you have to be willing to give something up. That is when I have to give up control and learn to delegate if it’s a task that someone else can do or prioritize based on the vision for my family, business, and life.”

Jamie began investing in real estate after realizing success in building a sales company. Utilizing skills and strategies learned from selling real estate, she — along with her family — has acquired and managed various investment properties, building her resume to mentor real estate professionals and investors. Jamie attributes her company's continued growth to adopting that growth mindset early on.

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M.R. Sheradsky   Contributor