Discussing A New Approach On Monaco’s Luxury Digital Marketing Field With Digital Kings

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Karishhma Mago   Contributor

Discussing A New Approach On Monaco’s Luxury Digital Marketing Field With Digital Kings

According to data from January 2021, Monaco has a population of 39.4 thousand. Unsurprisingly, 38.2 thousand of them use the internet daily. This means brands who want to stand the slightest chance of catching the Monegasque public’s attention need to have a strong online presence.

It goes without saying that most companies around the world should strive to gain a digital presence, especially after the pandemic’s forced push towards an increasingly digital era, but it becomes even more important in a region where consumers are more focused on quality, exclusivity, and value rather than price.

Ramneek Sidhu – a young entrepreneur with a mountain of experience

Ramneek Sidhu, CEO and founder of digital marketing company Digital Kings, is a young entrepreneur but he knows exactly how luxury brands need to be approached. He launched his business 6 years ago, at the age of 20, and has since then become a name in the global digital marketing industry.

With a marketing agency established in the UAE and prominent clients from countries such as Dubai, the USA, and the United Kingdom, Ramneek learned how to grow his business from scratch and used his knowledge to help other companies do the same.

Throughout his years in the digital marketing field, the young entrepreneur collaborated with a range of brands and individuals, creating a strong digital presence for all his clients. He also managed to grow an impressive network over platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with his Instagram account reaching over 500,000 subscribers.

Why luxury marketing needs a new approach

The purpose of a strong digital marketing campaign is to bring notoriety to a brand and convince customers of how certain products can satisfy their burning needs, ultimately increasing mass sales. The luxury business model, however, does not work this way, as Ramneek points out.

Most luxury brands already have an established name and target a niched range of consumers. These companies don’t aim to persuade clients through traditional methods such as extensive promotion, significant discounts, or affiliate marketing. They want to attract customers by doing the exact opposite: promoting exclusivity and avoiding the temptation to respond to increased market demands. In other words, erecting a barrier that only the ones worthy enough can cross.

If the purpose of a mass brand is to attract the most buyers, the purpose of luxury brands is to attract the best buyers and provide invaluable experiences for them. When you buy a cheap watch, you buy it because you need it to tell the time. When you buy a Rolex, you buy it because it creates an experience and provides a symbolic value.

Monaco is known to be a wealthy community, where luxury has found its home and money is always plenty, which means consumers look for products and services that can elevate their status rather than satisfy burning needs. This is why companies that want to thrive in this area need to focus on this exact same thing.

One way to do so is by using celebrities, and here’s where Digital Kings can help. The company has worked with a number of Bollywood and Hollywood names, which is why it understands this approach very well. However, luxury brands don’t leverage celebrities in the same way mass-production brands do. If a retail brand chooses to affiliate itself with a celebrity, it does it so that people are convinced to buy these products based on imitation – I need it because a certain celebrity was wearing/using it. Luxury brands, however, use celebrities as testimonials. A famous person using that product reassures high-end customers they have made the right choice and grants them comfort knowing they have associated themselves with the right brand.

With such deep knowledge of both mass and high-end marketing, it’s easy to see how Digital Kings became one of the leading digital marketing companies out there. We won’t be surprised if, soon enough, we’ll see them rule the scene.

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Karishhma Mago   Contributor