Digital Marketing For Monaco Events

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Rumble Romagnoli   Contributor

Digital Marketing For Monaco Events

Monaco hosts some of the world’s most exclusive events, including the annual Monaco Yacht Show and the iconic F1 Monaco Grand Prix. By their very nature, events such as these attract a high concentration of wealthy individuals, making them ideal for luxury brands seeking to target the world’s wealthiest.  

Finely tuned digital marketing strategies in the months leading up to high-profile Monaco events and during an event can be a highly effective way of reaching a qualified audience.

Digital marketing for Monaco events  

Paid advertising strategies 

Paid advertising, when done correctly, can be a highly effective marketing strategy for events. 

Google Search Ads targeting people searching for select Monaco events can help place your brand front and centre of a qualified audience. These ads can be geo-targeted utilising precise data and remarketing audiences taken from a client’s existing Goggle Analytics account.

Paid ads can also target people in precise locations in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Running targeted ads during the event also means a brand can capture the awareness and traffic of people in the location during a high-profile Monaco event. One of the key benefits of Monaco events is the principality’s small size, making granular targeting highly effective.  

Finally, paid advertising strategies can be taken a step further with native lead-gen activity on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to capture details of the right people in the location already, so that you can invite them to such events such as meetings, product viewings, and private parties, knowing that they are already in your target area.

SEO digital marketing strategies 

Search engine optimised content such as blogs and landing pages posted on a brand’s website can capture organic search interest in the months leading up to high-profile Monaco events and is an effective SEO digital marketing strategy. 

Having one page for an event updated each year helps maintain and grow SEO equity on a brand’s event page. This content can often help reach new audiences and encourage on-page form submissions and related enquiries.

This SEO-rich content can then be re-purposed and shared across social media platforms and newsletters to drive further awareness and engagement.  

You should also consider generating backlinks to the event’s landing page by creating partnerships with key influencers. From well-known speakers to industry-leading sponsors, your event partnerships are an essential asset that can connect you with new audiences. The key is to promote the event as quickly and easily as possible.

Finally, a great SEO tip is to use event schema markup. You want to make it easy for people to understand which event you are hosting or participating in. Through structured data, you can implement ‘event markup,’ which tells search engines that some content on your website is related to an event. When implemented correctly, Google will show your event as a rich snippet.

Social media strategies

Social media can be a successful marketing strategy for events, helping to spark dialogue and boost engagement. 

Posting whilst the event is happening in ‘real-time’ is an effective way to engage your audience, making them feel like they’re at the event with you. New features enable brands to post stories across all platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Adding a geo-tag and the event's hashtag, plus tagging the event, can help capture local interest and drive further engagement. 

The clips you take for Stories can be utilised to create a reel about the event and then shared across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. 

For Twitter and LinkedIn, we’d recommend you note any key ‘talking points’ spoken about at the event to help spark debate on these more B2B style platforms. 

Promoting organic posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok and creating paid-only ads with custom creatives to appeal to relevant audiences and personas can reap dividends. Beautifully executed videos are also a great digital marketing tool and can be promoted on popular video-only platforms such as YouTube.

Lead-gen campaigns on LinkedIn can also be highly effective, where native forms capture user information quickly and identify more highly qualified leads, for example, by job title, seniority, and function.

 Finally, running incentives on social media can further boost engagement. For example, offering free tickets to a select number of people who like, comment, and share your posts.

There is no question that running tailored digital marketing campaigns around high-profile Monaco events can help boost a brand’s presence and enhance online engagement. With key events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix kicking off on May 26 and the Monaco Yacht Show in September, now is the perfect time to plan effective marketing strategies for events. 

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Rumble Romagnoli   Contributor

Rumble Romagnoli is the founder and president at Relevance, a full-service luxury digital marketing agency specialised in targeting UHNWIs. Rumble has 25+ years of experience working in digital and has helped over 200 businesses – from international companies to start-ups – navigate their marketing approach. He excels in defining online strategies and concepts for exclusive and luxury brands through digital marketing, especially for superyachts, aviation, real estate, luxury travel, hotels, beauty and fashion. In addition, Rumble frequently gives talks at marketing and digital conferences, and is also an adjunct professor of Digital Marketing at the International University of Monaco.