DAO Maker Introduces Public Fundraising, Competing with Industry Titans


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DAO Maker Introduces Public Fundraising, Competing with Industry Titans

Since 2019 DAO Maker has positioned itself as the leading launchpad and incubation service provider for tokenized start-ups and has continuously kept innovating and revolutionizing the way people invest in crypto.

In its early days DAO Maker earned its fame in the crypto market by supporting top coins like Avalanche ($AVAX) and Elrond ($EGLD) with their innovative Social Mining solution, which allowed any tokenized project to set token-denominated incentives for community members who offer value to the ecosystem.

DAO Maker's famed fundraising model, the Strong Holder Offering (SHO) gave rise to roaring successes of the crypto industry such as XCAD Network ($XCAD), Opulous ($OPUL), My Neighbor Alice ($ALICE), and more recently Victoria VR ($VR), a Czech start-up building the Metaverse of Tomorrow.

Most recently, DAO Maker announced the complete opening of the SHO followed by a listing on two top Korean exchanges, Coinone and Bithumb. Originally designed for $DAO token holders, the SHO is now accessible to every user holding more than $2500 worth of any cryptocurrency in their Metamask wallet.

“It’s a brand-new way to attract users, to give exposure to our clients without being detrimental to their brand capital”, explained Christoph Zaknun, Founder and CEO of DAO Maker.

The first public SHO was BBS, a product allowing social platforms already entered into DAO Maker history to be built in a decentralized manner. Joining the public SHO were 9,280 participants who connected a total of nearly USD 1 billion worth of assets to the platform.

With a new project in the spotlight, Hubble Protocol ($HBB), DAO Maker expects to raise industry standards even higher. Hubble Protocol is supercharging liquidity on the Solana network through stablecoins. Users can earn yield while borrowing against a basket of cryptocurrencies for zero interest with no due dates for repayment. This public SHO closes on January 24, 2022 12:00 UTC.

It is worth noting that holders and stakers of DAO Maker Ecosystem tokens, especially its best performing projects like XCAD Network ($XCAD), Numbers Protocol ($NUM), Gamefi ($GAFI), Opulous ($OPUL), NFTrade ($NFTD), Orion Money ($ORION), Goldfever ($NGL), LossLess ($LOSS) will get a better chance of winning allocations in the Hubble public SHO.


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