Cross The Ages Aims To Level Up The GameFi Market Attracting Both Gamers And Artists


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Cross The Ages Aims To Level Up The GameFi Market Attracting Both Gamers And Artists

The global pandemic has ignited a period of exceptional growth for the gaming industry. With many people stuck at home amid lockdowns, the world seems to have fallen in love with video games all over again. These platforms have attracted hundreds of thousands of players—and billions in revenue. The massive growth can be attributed to cloud computing as it “allows users to stream high-end games across hand-held devices with fast network connectivity, eliminating the need for a dedicated gaming console,” affirmed market researchers at Mordor Intelligence.

Yet using a decentralized platform to create new types of blockchain-based games, known as GameFi, is not without its challenges. The introduction of NFTs and cryptocurrencies aims to address some of the industry’s most significant pain points, which has some of the most renowned venture capitalists bullish on GameFi. BITKRAFT, Galaxy Interactive, and NFX have collectively raised more than $850 million to fund next-gen NFT and play-to-earn games. Meanwhile, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, plans to spend at least $10 billion to expand the metaverse.

With so much capital flowing in, Cross The Ages CEO Sami Chlagou believes that DeFi will turn the global gaming market upside down, empowering artists and gamers worldwide to find revenue streams that were unthinkable just a few years ago. As in-game purchases become easily tradable outside the games through blockchain technology, new opportunities for fractionalized collectibles are created.

But how do you build an ecosystem that combines entertainment, crypto-powered economic incentives, and novel social interaction where gamers want to stay, play, live, and grow?  Chlagou has gathered an impressive and experienced team of developers, designers, artists, and authors to do just that—create a blockchain gaming universe where magic and technology reign supreme. Cross The Ages is a virtual world made up of several themes where machines and various communities of monsters are represented in the form of 365 collectable cards with different levels of scarcity, allowing gamers to unlock play-to-earn functionalities for as little as $10.

“We’ve built Cross The Ages on the premise that every player is a unique individual who deserves a game that fulfills his or her desires. If collecting is your forte, you can purchase packs and build your deck as you would in a traditional manner. Those who enjoy the grind of gaming can choose to focus on playing and earning the best rewards possible. Meanwhile, creators can help shape the future by assisting with development, as well as curating and creating art to be used for in-game NFTs,” said Chlagou.

Cross The Ages will provide gamers and artists a unique opportunity to be a part of the future of GameFi by trading digital goods with a monetary value. The game is set to hit the market in April 2022, while the entire metaverse experience will be available by 2023.


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