Claire Vidal, Expert Marketer, Driven by her Passion for the Automobile Industry

Claire Vidal, Expert Marketer, Driven by her Passion for the Automobile Industry

Women, when given the environment and opportunity, often make a lasting impression in their chosen industry. At times, they also enter male-dominated sectors, proving they’re more than capable of rising to the top. 

A prime example of an empowered woman is the multi-faceted entrepreneur Claire Vidal. As one of the top marketing consultants in France, she worked with several known brands that further propelled her name into prominence. 

Born in Toulouse, France, Claire always wanted to pursue an international business career in the field of communications and marketing. Her determination led her to join various industries, like fashion, cosmetics, and, of course, automobiles. 

Her career started in 2009 with Valeo, a €10 billion global automotive supplier, as a communications manager for their wiper systems branch. Her passion for cars stemmed from her father’s collection of classic cars. 

While at Valeo, Claire gave the brand-new fresh technological image through a new style of the booth, more customer events, and her flawless organizational skills.

The company then recognized her creativity and ability to think out of the box to create new paths for technological companies to communicate genuinely.

Later in her career, Claire was approached by Faurecia, a global leader in automotive technology, to work at the CES show in Las Vegas by supervising their 1,500 square feet outdoor venue dedicated to testing drives and autonomous driving. She promoted the technologies bound to shape the future of the automotive industry.

She became more renowned in the automobile industry when eBay Motors, one of the leading F100 companies in the US, required her expertise to transform and propel its marketing strategy to higher levels.

Eventually, more automotive companies recognized her marketing abilities and sought her services. 

In 2021, Claire worked as the Commercialization Lead for ACE Marktplace, a digital platform for car dealerships owned by the Policaro group, for several months. 

By crafting a unique strategic plan to transform their digital platform and create a one-stop shop for dealers wanting to implement more and more digital retail tools, Claire defined the appropriate go-to-market approach and transformed ACE Marktplace solutions into a comprehensive product offering that soon drew attention to the Policaro group. 

A few weeks after the launch, Kimoby acquired ACE Marktplace, and the project Claire started received the prestigious Porsche Data Cup award in May 2022. 

Claire’s success in the automobile industry, and her evident expertise, opened new opportunities for her career. Recently, she's offered a high-profile consulting role with Off Lease Only, one of the largest used car dealership groups in the United States. 

Since early 2022, Claire has been working on redesigning its marketing strategy, including their new digital experience, managing, rebranding, and geographical expansion.

Claire had an early start in her career, but she’s still consistently finding new ways to improve the automobile industry, and any others she went into, to take them to greater heights and show them just how far she can go in the name of innovation.