Building The Gaming Generation’s Next 'Game-Changer'


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Building The Gaming Generation’s Next 'Game-Changer'

How does one accumulate half a million users on its platform with no marketing? Give them a reason!

GamerHash has incredibly amassed more than 650,000 users in a short four years. After making its debut in South Korea, it is now advancing into the Southeast Asia region and estimates that it will boast a user base of 1.5 million plus customers by the end of 2022.

Primarily focused on gaming, digital goods, and NFT marketplaces, GamerHash enables players to mine cryptocurrencies using only their gaming PCs. With crypto-miners and gamers going head-to-head in a race to get their hands on Nvidia graphics cards amid a global shortage, this could be argued as a prime example of having your cake and eating it too. Young gamers equipped with a 3090 GPU (graphics processing unit) can easily add an additional $250 per month to their incomes. That's the hook which founders Patryk Pusch and Artur Pszczolkowski used very effectively.

Attractive performance figures from GamerHash suggest that its business model is well positioned to expose a lot of untapped potential. There are an estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, with data revealing that video game sales are booming and worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

Level up

GamerHash is one of the original partners in the Blockchain Game Alliance—one of the world’s most influential crypto and gaming associations—rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sandbox, Animoca Brands, and Ubisoft. The platform is optimistic that this could unlock additional rewarding partnerships in the near future, such as GamerHash’s current collaborations with Chainlink, Simplex, and Polygon. It’s worthy to note that as an innovator in the space, GamerHash was working on NFTs & metaverses back in 2020 before it was cool.

Another important milestone came when GamerCoin (GHX), the platform’s native cryptocurrency, was listed on tier1 exchanges such as Bithumb Korea, KuCoin, and (formerly Exchange). This ‘gamers’ cryptocurrency is licensed in the European Union, with the project’s white paper registered by the Maltese Financial Authority in 2020.

Explaining why an expansion into Southeast Asia is a crucial development, GamerHash Chief Marketing Officer Artur Pszczolkowski said, “The region is well-known for rapid crypto adoption and for being a ‘mecca for gamers,’ with a great percentage of gamers recognized in society as e-sport heroes.”

How it all happened?

The concept for GamerHash first emerged in early 2017, with many incredible milestones and innovations being achieved over the past four years. The founders, in a rather easy yet unexpected way, connected the dots of GPU shortage & electricity loss of gamers’ PCs being switched on overnight. The main idea behind this all—allow gamers to share their computing power by merely using the GamerHash app. “Crypto is based on speculation, but we are building an infrastructure for B2C customers—in the future every computer and every screen saver will mine & earn. GamerHash along with our GamerCoin are just getting started, says CEO Patryk Pusch.


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