Bravely Walking Into The World Of FEAR


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Bravely Walking Into The World Of FEAR

After decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) made headlines last year, the online gaming play-to-earn (P2E) concept has been gaining momentum across the crypto community. The P2E business model allows players to benefit from the security and decentralization features of blockchain by getting rewarded with digital currencies or NFTs simply by playing the game.

Although many gaming companies are adopting the P2E approach, one company with a track record of success in the traditional gaming industry is now bringing their talent to the blockchain. Founded by twin brothers Jonathan and Patrick Carey, FEAR is delighting horror fans with a scary ecosystem of games, NFTs, and a dark metaverse. The blockchain game project and crypto currency, aims to be the only horror focused entertainment and distribution platform for games and other forms of horror media.

Horror is one of the most-watched gaming niches on YouTube. The previous five games the Carey brothers co-created have been played and viewed on YouTube over 600 million times. FEAR plans to leverage the increasing demand for this genre, unlocking its potential with NFT ownership and rewarding horror gamers with FEAR tokens for achieving various goals in their games.

“The dark side of blockchain gaming has arrived, and we aren’t here to deliver fluffy games with rainbows and sunshine, but instead something heavily engrossing and dark through original, shocking gameplay, jump scares, captivating stories and those never seen before evil antagonists,” CEO Jonathan Carey explains.

The FEAR ecosystem will feature ghastly games such as The Crypt, an evil idle clicker and farming game to capture and harvest human souls; FEAR Museum, an original interactive horror adventure game and gateway to the upcoming 3D HorrorVerse, a metaverse with play-to-earn quests; Flagship FEAR Wolf NFT, a metaverse NFT Wolf companion soon to launch with utility inside and outside FEAR games. Users can also play Clucking Hell, Araya and Undead Neighbour, with the promise of new games launching as the network expands.

The company’s philosophy is entertainment first, crypto second. The project’s proprietary token, FEAR, resides on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and can be earned by playing the games, staking, or holding it to benefit from potential price appreciation.  

To simplify token acquisition and use, the ecosystem provides users with an in-game wallet. This intuitive digital wallet is suitable for gaming fans that have little to no technical knowledge of blockchain and NFTs. For example, users can buy the FEAR token with a credit card and explore the exciting NFTs inside the game.

The project has been backed by an experienced team that has managed to secure high-profile partnerships with big names, including Epik Prime, DAO Maker, Muon Network, the Blockchain Game Alliance and Quickswap.


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