Beyond Cryptocurrency: How Serialpreneur Travis Bott Creates Win-Win Consumer-Friendly Programs


Thomas Herd   Brand Contributor

Beyond Cryptocurrency: How Serialpreneur Travis Bott Creates Win-Win Consumer-Friendly Programs

As the world economy contracted significantly due to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers turned their sights and wallets to the latest form of investment: cryptocurrency. As a result, the once-burgeoning market of digital currency exploded into the behemoth it is now, with the much-touted Bitcoin soaring to an evaluation of over $60,000 for a time. Now, crypto entrepreneur Travis Bott has created a revolutionary way for all digital currency users to enhance their investment capabilities.

Bott’s company, Beyond Global, uses a state-of-the-art multicurrency wallet that allows its users to transact money internationally without fees or charges, all while reaping in a plethora of benefits. Global’s consumer-friendly strategy allows its patrons to earn 5% cash back on their purchases, as well as to make money whenever other users make a qualified deal on the exchange.

The company’s strategic partnership with emerging crypto exchanges brings its clients the unparalleled chance to buy physical products with their currency through its Visa debit card, the first of its kind for a U.S.-based platform.

Beyond Global’s wallet, with unprecedented service to six continents and over ninety countries, the company is positioned at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry thanks to Bott’s ingenious way of making “digital gold” inherently more accessible to the average consumer.

Bott’s innovation doesn’t end with encouraging financial freedom; the multitalented entrepreneur has likewise dipped his toes into the wellness game, understanding that a well-rounded lifestyle is key to personal success. Beyond’s Xobiotic Squares offer a double-punch of antioxidants and probiotics necessary for healthy immune function while curbing sugar intake. Other offerings like the brand’s mood-balancing Happy Sticks offer a zero-calorie energy boost, and its line of CBD products helps clients lower stress and reduce anxiety at the same time.

The accomplished executive additionally encourages physical exercise through his Lurra Life venture, which incentivizes users to get moving by walking over 10,000 steps a day. Lurra Life’s comprehensive rewards system gives customers an extra bonus for their efforts while simultaneously promoting transactions with the platform’s extended network of business partners, making sure everybody wins.

Ingenuity in creating consumer-friendly programs has cemented Bott as a multiindustry titan, and with the widespread acclaim for his endeavors fixing an eye on the successful entrepreneur, the world is most certainly watching in anticipation of whatever venture Bott chooses to launch next.


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