Bentley Redfines Luxury

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Nancy Heslin   Forbes Monaco


… with a faster, smoother
and sexier 2019 Continental GT

The 2019 Bentley Continental GT can be summed up in two words: power trip. The four-door, front-engine, four-wheel drive coupe features a new transmission to deliver significantly smoother and quicker shift. Meanwhile the 48-volt Dynamic Ride System allows the car to flaunt a sporty performance with exceptional handling and refinement in all road conditions yet deliver a comfortable and responsive ride.

Compared to the 2011 model, the power of this third-generation model has increased considerably from 590hp and 720Nm of torque to an impressive 626hp and 900Nm. It can hit 100km/h in a mere 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 333km/h, some 24km/h higher than its former self.

The car’s contemporary distinct sharp lines are courtesy of aerospace-based technology but it’s not just a pretty face; its CO2 emissions have been cut by 16%, and the car uses 12.2L/100km— or 2.0L of fuel less than its predecessor over the equivalent distance.

It’s easy to understand why this car is redefining luxury in the automotive world.
The provocative Revolutionary Bentley Rotating Display and digital instrument panel, the world’s first three-way rotating dashboard (modeled after James Bond’s revolving number plate), features a three-sided 12.3-inch touch screen and the new elliptical taillights feature a design
inspired by finely cut crystal glasses that catch the light like a diamond.

With a reboot in 2003 of the Continental R, S and T, the Continental GT became Bentley’s first luxury car from a mass production line, and
has since sold 66,000 units. Stiff but light, the 2019 GT redefines the Continental. The car racked up over a million kilometers of test-drives—
in every possible location where it would be driven by

And with 17 exterior paint colors to choose from, including Sequin Blue, a special request from a customer to match a sequin on her favorite dress, it’s not a question of if you buy the Continental GT but how many.

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Nancy Heslin   Forbes Monaco

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