Belles Of The Ball

Isabel Kristensen and Princess Margarita

Designers Isabell Kristensen and Princess Margarita steal the show.

Monaco’s only couture designer, Isabell Kristensen, and Princess Margarita, member of the Dutch Royal family, hit the runway together for the Dutch Real Estate Gala 2019 in Amsterdam on December 10.

Princess Margarita wore an Isabell Kristensen original, a stunning shoulderless emerald gown adorned with white crystals on the bodice. The 48-year-old princess completed her outfit with delicate gold drop earrings and a necklace from her own De Parme Design jewelry line, the Leaves Collection.

“The Leaves Collection is symbolic of my passion for nature and for everything I discover while walking in the forest near my studio,” Princess Margarita tells Forbes Monaco. “The jewels, with their simple graphic pattern, set with diamonds and color gems, reflect the light.

“I love working with pavé diamonds because they are simply gorgeous but I also use rose cut. They remind me of old family jewels, before the invention of the brilliant cut in 1919.”

The mother of two daughters designs pieces for various luxury companies, including Royal Leerdam Crystal. “I work with rose gold for its warm color and am happy to see that the jewelry industry uses more and more recycled and sustainable gold,” shares the Countess of Colorno, who studied Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam before switching to Architecture and Design.

For Kristensen, sustainability in the fashion is key. “We are upping our efforts to focus on locally-sourced, lovingly made, eco-friendly luxury,” assures the designer, who made Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger dress, which featured 12 million hand sewn sequins, for the 2013 Oscars. “New enviro-conscious materials are in the running and we’re keeping wastage to a minimum.”

This April marks 20 years since Kristensen opened her boutique at 18 rue Princesse Marie de Lorraine, steps from the palace, where Princess Charlene and Princess Gabriella are recurrently photographed in her designs. “I’m so grateful for all the support during my time in this beautiful corner of the world.”