Bashar Katou And BJK University Have Cracked The Code To Making Money Online Through Amazon FBA


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Bashar Katou And BJK University Have Cracked The Code To Making Money Online Through Amazon FBA

Today, education is a bit of a controversial topic. Many affluent entrepreneurs and business people have taken the stance that formal higher education is not necessary and some even contend that it is a scam. While there is no doubt that there is much to be improved on the accessibility, affordability, and application of higher education, most people still agree that some form of higher education is still necessary to succeed at the highest level in today’s world. This consensus has led to the evolution of another education industry - online education. It seems today that most successful entrepreneurs are using their platform to launch a course or learning program based on their knowledge and expertise. This evolution has led to a new avenue of education that appeals to a millennial generation. With specialized courses to a specific industry or niche, large interactive events and the freedom to study whenever and wherever they please, many have been drawn to online education. The results of this new wave of educational options has led to a lucrative and fulfilling endeavor for many entrepreneurs. Bashar Katou is one of those entrepreneurs. Currently, his education company, BJK University is on a mission to help educate and enable one million aspiring entrepreneurs to build income through Amazon FBA businesses.

Bashar’s techniques are not something that he picked up from studying or browsing online, he has built several Amazon FBA stores himself including one store that earns him over $40,000 dollars a month in “passive income.” Although his success now is well documented, he was not always so successful. “My first go-around at business was with a restaurant. My dad gave me a choice of college or investing in business. I chose to buy a restaurant.” He was not interested in college and he was confident in his business abilities. He quickly was proven wrong. After two years of running his restaurant, he was forced to call it quits. “The business was losing money every month and one day I received a call that the kitchen was on fire. I rushed back but it was too late. I lost everything.” To make matters worse, he had forgotten to pay the insurance bill and had to walk away with nothing to his name. That’s when he took an evaluation of his life. He realized he had much to learn and after discovering Amazon FBA, he dedicated himself to learning the industry and building success. AFter several years of success, he realized he needed to share his knowledge with others. His proven strategies, hands-on help and unique community has helped to produce dozens of other 6 and 7 figure store owners as well. While his course is a very detailed and thorough course, here are some of the main topics that he believes are necessary to find success as an Amazon FBA business owner.


Mindset is the first thing that he teaches his students. While many people want to find success, they are not often aware of how or where to find it. “We have been programmed to go to school, get a degree, retire at 65 and then live our life. We help people to shift that mindset and be resourceful.” While the goal of any business is to be successful and make more for less work, he wants his students to understand that it takes time and energy to find success. Although he now enjoys immense freedom and flexibility, it was not an easy journey and he wants to make sure that he helps his students to build the fortitude and dedication necessary to fulfilling their goals. Part of developing the proper mindset is discovery. “Discovery mode is important. Find three to five things you are interested in… Narrow it down to one and drop everything else. Be prepared to follow that thing for 12-24 months.” if you’re not prepared to chase that thing, you won’t find the success you need.

Principles of FBA

“Take time to study, so you don’t fail.” Amazon only owns less than 23% of the products sold on its platform; the rest are products sold by third party sellers. As an FBA seller, you create your own private label and sell a product that has proven success on Amazon. As an FBA seller, you can partner with Amazon to help fulfill your orders. One common mistake he finds is people not understanding where to find products. “A lot of people go to a distributor to find a product when they should be tracking down the manufacturer.” The manufacturer will give you better rates, often help with some elements of branding for your label. Amazon is a huge marketplace and there is a lot of conflicting information on how to find success. Before showing his students how to take action, he believes it is valuable to have a strong understanding of how the market works.

Find Your First Product and Scale

Once you have a strong understanding of the in’s and out’s of FBA, it’s time to find your first product. With millions of product options and new ones being introduced everyday, this is where it takes a strong market knowledge and experience to make sure you have a winning product.

The primary thing that Bashar makes sure to teach his students is the importance of choosing a winning product. “You have to find something that sells. Chasing trends and over-saturated products will slow down your growth and success.”

Bashar Katou believes that Amazon FBA is a strong option for many people to make a side income or fully replace their typical job. With the success that he has seen coaching his students to success, he is very excited to continue to expand his education to include more opportunities for his students. If you are interested in learning more about Bashar Katou, you can follow him on his Instagram or you can check out his Website to learn more about BJK University or follow them on Instagram as well.

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