Art Naturally

Art Naturally

Lebanese businessman offers a new indoor-outdoor gallery concept to win over collectors and art critics alike.

Two years ago, Lebanese entrepreneur Badr El Jundi found himself at a turning point. The art enthusiast had to decide between pursuing his love for representing artists on a random basis or rolling up his sleeves to make an impact on the lives of the artists he presented, as well as on the industry as a whole.

He opened a contemporary art gallery in the Spanish Anantara Villa Padierna Resort. “I chose to open the doors to my gallery in Marbella, a reference point for the international art scene at Costa del Sol,” says Badr El Jundi. “I fundamentally believe that as a gallerist, art is a communication tool.”

The entrepreneur was drawn to the Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Resort for its unique offering in terms of the way he can present his artists to collectors and art critics. The experience goes far beyond a traditional visit, which makes it different to other galleries. “We provide an itinerary that features other museums and cultural institutions in the area so when collectors come to the gallery, they can enjoy the outdoor gardens while walking around to view the sculptures.” There is even a Roman amphitheater on the grounds.

When speaking about his gallery, El Jundi’s eagerness and passion shines through. “The reason why I opened my gallery was to make projects possible. I want to help artists bring their ideas to life, to challenge their decisions in order to take them to the next level and to guide them to reach their goals.” He adds that working with creative individuals is stimulating as they not only “keep me inspired to seek new opportunities but also push me to grow as a good manager and great businessman.”

Since the gallery at Anantara Villa Padierna Resort opened, exhibits of international artists include, amongst others, Amir H Fallah, Ardeshir Tabrizi, Johan Deckmann and Wendy White, and El Jundi has been contributing to the production of specific projects supporting the careers of artists.

El Jundi is currently working on expanding with future projects in the French Riviera and Monaco, where the government actively supports the arts and cultural institutions through a variety of programs and events. “I am attracted to the cultural substrate and the range of opportunities that the area can offer and have been encouraged by the positive initial response.”


In addition to his artistic project, the businessman recently founded the London-based Greenverse Partners Ltd to develop projects in the sustainable energy sector. The aim is to support the global transition to clean, safe, renewable energy through the power of technology and to contribute to a better and cleaner world for future generations. Improving environmental safety and economic efficiency of various technogenic processes as a result of human activity is part of the company’s DNA. Looking to engage in projects to achieve true sustainability globally is the future.