ARize: A Platform That Empowers Digital Content Creators


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ARize: A Platform That Empowers Digital Content Creators

ARize is taking extended reality (XR) to the next level by being the first 3D NFT marketplace for metaverse-ready content that’s open to third parties, connecting content creators to business opportunities. While the technology to produce 3D models is not new, it traditionally has not been accessible, customizable, or affordable. Their solution? Provide uncomplicated services for blockchain users looking to create and maintain their own NFTs, games, or unique metaverses.

With an ever-expanding range of use cases for immersive content, ARize presents a timely solution by connecting businesses to a community of professional 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) modellers able to produce unique high-quality content. Content can be shared with audiences effortlessly, across all devices available in the market, without having to download a specific app or integrate any special technology.

The company’s ground-breaking collaborations with contemporary lifestyle brand Charles & Ron and artist Mark Mallia are two examples of the impact of using AR to showcase products in a different way to entice and enable consumers to make on the spot purchases. ARize offers a cross-metaverse interoperability to create transferable assets once they are uploaded to the platform. The built-in 3D and AR viewer can be integrated seamlessly into different websites and shared across the Internet.

ARize’s mission is to become a place where creators can showcase their work and get connected with other creators and businesses and monetise their skills and creations as they grow. Businesses can find expert content creators and hire them using the ARZ token, set to launch its Initial DEX Offering this year. Developers will have access to a wide-ranging collection of premium content that they can use for any purpose they see fit, including binding an NFT to a 3D asset. Token holders will also receive news of discounts and early access to new features.

The major benefit of the token is not only will creators receive the traditional royalties through the resale of their designs, as with many other marketplaces, but also will receive additional royalties based on the number of times the assets or experiences are viewed. This novel royalty-per-view model is similar to YouTube’s pay per view, allowing creators to build long term value and continue to profit from their work.

The ARize framework and environment, supported by state-of-the-art technology, gives anyone a chance to be seen and allows individuals and businesses to co-create content while simultaneously compensating the creators fairly for their work.


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