Amazon To Shut French Warehouses April 16-20

Amazon To Shut French Warehouses April 16-20

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According to an internal document seen by Reuters, American e-tailer giant Amazon will close six fulfillment centers in France from tomorrow until Monday, April 20.

This follows a ruling Tuesday from the French courts in Nanterre stating that the company “obviously disregarded its obligation of security and prevention of the health of the employees” in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The online retailer said it would appeal yesterday's decision that it can deliver only essential goods—"food, hygiene and medical products”—while it carries out a health evaluation of workers' risk of coronavirus exposure.

The company said it was "perplexed given the concrete evidence which was submitted concerning the security measures put into place to protect our employees.”

With the temporary closure of the six French packing centers, which in February employed 6,500 permanent staff and 3,600 temporary employees, Amazon warned that service in France will be reduced. 

In a statement in French, the company said, "Currently, we are continuing to operate in the country and doing everything possible to maintain the level of service."

The injunction must be respected within 24 hours or Amazon France could face fines of €1 million per day. The company has one month to carry out the evaluation.

Amazon international net sales for 2019 were $74.72 billion.