Affluent Investors And The Texas Economy Boom

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Affluent Investors And The Texas Economy Boom

Texas’ economy is booming as its gross domestic product (GDP) soars, the COVID-19 pandemic is showing signs of receding, and one top financial advising practice is helping affluent clients reap the benefits of the state’s uptick with a comprehensive suite of wealth planning services.

“Texas’ economy is booming with more people moving to the area, businesses opening and job growth, but the broader economic outlook is more complicated,” says Eric Dupré, financial advisor and president of Dupré Financial Group, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. “People are seeing interest rates tick up, inflation rising, and global problems like the war in Ukraine. All of these factors and more have direct and indirect impacts on all economies.”

Dupré added, “Although the local economy in Texas is strong, I am closely tracking these and other developments for my clients to identify where future problems and investing opportunities might arise.”

Dupré’s services are likely to be in greater demand as investors look to take advantage of Texas’ rapidly growing economy, which was recently reported to now be the ninth-largest in the world. The state’s GDP grew by over 10 percent in the last quarter of 2021, compared favorably to the average U.S. GDP rose to just under 7 percent in the same period, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Eric Dupré, an award-winning financial advisor, helps his high net worth clients with a wide range of strategies including investment management, wealth preservation, retirement planning, estate planning strategies, business retirement, insurance, tax planning strategies, and cash flow management. The strength of the economy in Texas and the United States has a direct impact on investment planning, yet ongoing uncertainties require an expert’s insight.

“The pandemic has shown that unpredictable events can happen at any time, with a direct impact on the economy and financial planning,” he says. “My professional passion is providing customized assistance to my clients and offering support to guide them with their strategies for growing wealth, regardless of the state of the economy at any given moment.”

The Dupré Financial Group, based in San Antonio, Texas, works hard every day for its clients with million-dollar assets to help them curate a highly personalized wealth plan that is tailored to their specific goals, such as charting a course for retirement that might include advice on investment options for a 401(k) or other retirement funds.

Launched in June 2020, the practice was the natural next step for Dupré’s long-running career as a financial advisor. He was able to efficiently use his extensive network and unbeatable knowledge of wealth planning to provide almost any strategy in his clients’ best interest.

“My office assists these clients in any way they can, pertaining to their entire financial picture and whatever portfolios they may have,” says Dupré, a Texas native.

His practice is part of the major financial services company Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC founded in 1894. Ameriprise Financial manages and administers more than $1.2 trillion in assets (according to company data as of Q4 2021) for over 2 million clients (according to company reports).

Before launching his financial practice, Dupré worked as a wealth planning advisor at firms including Raymond James Financial and J. C. Bradford & Company. He earned his finance degree at Boston College and spent some time in Denver before moving back to Texas.

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