A Change Of Perception: The Experiential Yachting Forum

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A Change Of Perception: The Experiential Yachting Forum

“Experience Economy” is rapidly representing a large part of the yachting industry where the effect of its goods and services on people’s lives is emphasized with purpose and additional value.

An increasing number of yacht owners are commissioning vessels that are destined beyond the boundaries of conventional yachting use. Such an approach requires specialist knowledge and expertise in the fields of Ocean and Human Health, Marine Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Metaverse, AI & VR Technology and more.

For this first edition, the sold-out Experiential Yachting Forum welcomed a record-breaking number of 100 physically present attendees at the Yacht Club de Monaco, made up of leading yachting industry professionals, yacht owners, owner representatives and experience providers. A further 250 joined remotely as far as in Australia, interacting via a live chat.

“The feedback we received from the event was beyond any expectations,” shares the founder of Experiential Yachting, Maria Alekseenko Magan, a Monaco-based entrepreneur in the Yachting sector with a background in retail yacht charters and superyacht new-builds.” 

Magan  adds, “Our team, including Karina Talanceva, Natalia Langsdale, others, and myself are very happy that this first forum of its kind brought such important value to our industry.

“The mission of Experiential Yachting is to change the perception of yachting and inspire people to see yachting from a different angle, where purpose plays a main role in the decision-making process. And where yachting can be considered as an investment through the philosophy that experience is a new type of asset and a yacht can be used as a floating establishment for community work-spaces, retirement homes, experiential learning or research, for medical purposes or rehabilitation, social needs or exclusive commerce.

“We are introducing a completely new business model, where the function of a yacht goes far beyond the use of vacation, relaxation or exploration. Changing the function of a yacht opens a totally new chapter in the industry and a new world far away from the shore.” 

The forum was proud to be joined by visionary and forward-thinking speakers whose remits to attend was to share what had never been shared before.

Paris Baloumis, Group marketing director of Oceanco, contributed by speaking during “The Builder’s Expectation; Building for the Next Generation” session. 

“It was refreshing to be part of an event that put experience at the front and center of the discussion. The varied line-up of speakers—including many new faces who gave insight into the possibilities for our industry’s evolution—was dynamic and thought provoking. It was also positive to explore the ways that yachts can provide a meaningful contribution to the wider world, beyond those cruising onboard,” Baloumis says. 

Oceanco partners with luminaries of the creative world to spark imagination, which is why the Experiential Yachting Forum was proud to count Oceanco as main sponsor for this pioneering event.

Other visionary forum partners included The Superyacht Group, Forbes Monaco, Luxury Treasure Hunts, Berkeley Rand and Yachting Fishing Specialists, as well as Boat International and Yatco.

Peter Economides, founder of Felix BNI and co-moderator at the Experiential Yachting Forum, shared his views on the growth of Experience Economy and the changing values of modern yacht owners and charterers. 

Martin Redmayne, chairman of The Superyacht Group and co-moderator Experiential Yachting Forum, also largely contributed to the success of the first forum: “With 5,500 plus superyachts over 30m owned by less than 4,000 UHNWIs globally, and some of this fleet worth less than €1 million, we have huge potential for growth by showing the 300,000 plus non-yacht owners who have the potential to buy how yacht ownership can have more purpose, deliver better value and provide more interesting experiences!”

Aside the special audience voice session, yacht owners too shared their opinions in a dedicated session on the yachting needs and expectations of the next generation of yacht owners. Matty Zadnikar, (founder of SeaNet), Raffaele Costa (former yacht owner of famous ex-M/Y Sea Force One) and Anastasios Economou (chairman of YPO, Yacht owner) were present.

All attendees were entered in a draw to win an Atlantic Ocean Experience in Portugal, generously donated by its owner, on board M/Y Stardust of Mary. Bill Springer, senior contributor at Forbes, won this main prize. The Luxury Treasure Hunt quest that took place for all physical attendees was won by Charles Dence.

“The Experiential Yachting Forum will be organized in different parts of the world, continuing with its unique event concept and core mission to expand the perception of yachting and attract forward-thinkers and an open-minded new generation of potential yacht owners and charterers by promoting the alternative use of superyachts and identifying a niche for multifunctional superyachts,” says Magan. 

The Experiential Yachting community will continue to dare to evaluate yachting from a new perspective, inviting the industry to play a leading role in the new era of Experience Economy.

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Forbes MC Staff   Forbes Monaco