Monaco-Milan Train Service To End 2021

Monaco-Milan Train Service To End 2021

Photo: Thello Facebook

Thello rail, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trenitalia, is reportedly set to axe its Milan-Marseille service via Monaco in 2021.

The CFDT union said in a statement that Thello “is preparing to cease the so-called day train activity created in 2014, and consisting of three daily return trips between Marseille, Nice and Milan,” adding that 38 jobs in Nice could be impacted by the decision.

The CFDT also stated, “Thello had obtained a historic agreement with the PACA region and SNCF in order to be able to take travelers who work in Monaco and Ventimiglia within the framework of their work subscription.”

The line running between Marseille, Nice, Monaco and Milan had been suspended during confinement but management has indicated service would return in September.   

The trade union is asking for guaranteed employment for all company employees using long-term partial activity, which according to the CFDT, would allow Thello's management to “benefit from significant support for salaries by the state conditional on commitments to maintain jobs.”

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