The Influence of Affluence: Why Monaco Is Key For Luxury Goods

Michael Louis Maddaloni

From a young age Michael Louis Maddaloni has had an eye for fashion and appreciation for luxury goods. It came naturally.

For two years, he worked at the family-owned Maddaloni Jewelers in Long Island, New York, marketing jewelry and watches via social media.

“Working at my father’s boutique, the jewelry and lifestyle of the wealthy clientele had an influence on me,” describes the CEO and founder of the luxury lifestyle brand Michael Louis.

On March 26, 2012, during his second year at Pace University, Maddaloni posted his first picture at @michaellouisny to a relatively new social media platform called Instagram. His daily posts highlighting his passion for exotic cars, high-end jewelry, fashion trends and luxury vacations, instantly connected him to like-minded people around the world, including in Monaco.

By 2014, he had 100,000 followers and on June 19 of that same year, the Michael Louis brand and website were launched. It started with a four-pocket sleek leather cardholder. “The product itself was simple.” Maddaloni explains, “I didn’t revolutionize the design, but instead focused on the quality of materials and craftsmanship.”

Within days, the entire collection had sold out, and several of the initial customers were based in Monaco.

Over the next twelve months, the brand generated $1.4 million in sales. Maddaloni began to build a team—“one of the greatest foundations in building any company,” he says— starting with Chief Operating Officer Linda Zuckerman, who is still with the company today. The e-commerce recently partnered with FedEx to offer worldwide delivery within one to five days.

Today, Michael Louis has positioned itself as an international premier luxury leather goods brand, recognized for its portfolio of everyday essentials such as phone cases, wallets, and key holders and complimentary personalization. “This makes the luxury item completely unique to you as a statement of self-expression,” Maddaloni says.