France On Lockdown, What You Can Do, What’s Closed In Monaco

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Photo: Fran Boloni, The Paris Photographer/ Unsplash

French president Emmanuel Macron declared a 2-week lockdown in France during a nationwide televised addresst at 8 p.m. on Monday, March 16. The “confinement” period begins from noon on Tuesday.

During a follow-up press conference, France’s minister of interior Christophe Castaner provided details of the confinement protocol while announcing the deployment of 100,000 police and gendarmes to enforce the restriction measures, with controls at fixed and mobile points throughout the country. “The watchword is clear: stay at home,” he urged.

Castaner specified that you can “get some fresh air, take out our dog, but absolutely not play a football match.” Anyone not at home must be “able to justify their movement,” or they could be fined up to €135. 

Individuals circulating outside of their homes will have to have an attestation—une attestation pour justifier sur l’honneur le motif de son déplacement—explaining their movements each time (including walking the dog). This attestation is available to download at the Ministry of the Interior website to print, or in the absence of a home printer, it can be handwritten as a sworn statement on plain paper. You can cannot download a paperless version to your phone.

Exceptions To Home Confinement In France (but for each you will still need to carry a justification with you at all times; see above)
- Going from home to work when telework is not possible
- Purchasing basic necessities at authorized local shops while respecting a 1 meter distance from others
- Going to see a health professional
- Traveling for childcare and helping vulnerable people
- Exercise: physical activity on an individual basis only must be close to home, without gathering with other people

Macron also stated that in a coordinated attempt within the European Union to contain the ongoing spread of the coronavirus on the continent, all borders will be closed to all non-essential travel for 30 days. This would affect travel from outside the EU, but the UK would be exempt.

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As Monaco residents wait to see if the country follows France’s new measures, yesterday the town hall published a press release concerning a list of municipal sites now closed to the public.

“Your civility and individual responsibility are essential factors to limit the spread of the virus,” the town hall said.

The mayor confirmed that the market at Marché de la Condamine will remain open but any restaurants or catering will be closed. “We ask that you respect the path set up inside the hall, as well as to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between others, both inside and outside the hall.”

List Of Closed Municipal Sites To The Public
- All municipal crèches
- Princess Antoinette Park
- Exotic Garden
- Saint-Charles swimming pool
- Hercule Fitness Club
- Monaco Multimedia Library - Louis-Notari Library, Caroline Library - Ludotheque, Video Library - José-Notari Sound Library
- Rainier-III Academy
- Higher School of Plastic Arts-Bosio Pavilion
- Léo-Ferré are in Fontvieille

As of Monday, the WHO reported 5,380 confirmed Covid-19 cases in France and 127 deaths. Monaco has nine cases, including minister of state Serge Telle.