47 Patients Supervised Under Covid-19 'Home Patient Monitoring Center' In Monaco

Monaco doctor

As of yesterday, Monaco counted 33 confirmed cases of coronvirus. The first case, a twentysomething male diagnosed on February 28, has fully recovered, making the number of active cases as 32 .

On Tuesday, March 24, minister of social affairs and health Didier Gamerdinger said, “Ten of [confirmed coronavirus patients] are hospitalized, the others are being followed at home, but not all of them are Monaco residents.”

Today, a government press release revealed that the Home Patient Monitoring Center, launched to treat Covid-19 patients in Monaco on March 23, is currently supervising 47 patients.

The communications department (DC) confirmed to Forbes Monaco that the 47 patients includes “unconfirmed patients who have symptoms.” That could mean, potentially, 25 people are unconfirmed in addition to 33 confirmed coronavirus cases. However, the DC added that the center "also takes care of asymptomatic patients and the number fluctuates."

The Home Patient Monitoring Center was set up to free CHPG of possible patient overload during the coronavirus epidemic. Only patients with severe cases of Covid-19 remain in hospital care.

The home follow-up unit provides patients with medical and logistical assistance, and contact with a medical professional is available at all time. The teams are made up of staff from the Health Action Department, doctors, social workers, Monegasque Red Cross volunteers, and CHPG medical secretaries and psychologists.

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