4 More Coronavirus Cases, Monaco National Council Wants Answers

Princess Grace Hospital Center Monaco

Photo: Nancy Heslin

Health authorities have confirmed another four new positive coronavirus cases in Monaco since yesterday. This brings the total to 30 active cases (plus one case of recovery), 19 of which have been reported since last Friday.

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Following the coronavirus update last night from minister of social affairs and health, Didier Gamerdinger, Monaco’s National Council is looking for answers.

 “We can no longer think in weeks or even days. Every hour counts to stop the pandemic and to find effective solutions, with as much autonomy as possible,” the council wrote in open letter sent today and signed by President Stéphane Valeri (Gamerdinger’s predecessor) along with two others on behalf of the 24 National Councilors.

Stating there “was clearly a lack of anticipation in this area,” questions are being asked concerning the shortage of masks in Monaco, including quantities and a distribution date. “Priority must obviously be placed on the needs of all caregivers. But we have to think of providing for the needs of private doctors, carers, public security agents, and any other professionals likely to be in contact with the public.”

The council is also demanding information about testing procedures—“we are not ahead in screening strategy and once again this has fallen on that of the neighboring country”—and is calling for a dedicated building as the “next move” to serve the eventual overflow in the hospital’s Covid-19 dedicated unit.