$1 Billion Portfolio In The Pandemic, An Inspirational Tale Of The Nightfall Group In The Luxury Concierge Business


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$1 Billion Portfolio In The Pandemic, An Inspirational Tale Of The Nightfall Group In The Luxury Concierge Business

Exotic cars, exclusive villas, a whole lot of ultimate luxury and quality leisure – all of this was restricted extensively as the COVID-19 pandemic swarmed in to limit life as we know, globally. In general, travel and movement were limited, causing the tourism industry to witness plummeting stats. 

As the world witnessed this drastic downfall, there was this one premium concierge business that defied the odds – The Nightfall Group. Founded as a fight-or-flight option by a 29-year-old Moroccan entrepreneur, Mokhtar Jabli, is now a $1+ billion luxury concierge firm and a high-end full-house hospitality entity.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, The Nightfall Group boasts an abundance of otherworldly luxuries and takes pride in letting its high-net-worth clients have a super-easy route to enjoying them. The business model is simple; why settle for the bare minimum if you can afford the most elite luxuries?

Driven by inspiration and the will to battle through thick situations, Mokhtar Jabli has put forward a hope for the global business industry that there's always light for those who seek even in the darkest nights. The plethora of Ferraris, Rolls Royce's, and other exotic cars, matched with royal-grade villas, dream-come-true charters for millionaire yachts and jets, is something that's kept their high-end clientele coming again and again to them despite the limited traveling during the thick of the pandemic. The Nightfall Group was a beacon in these times, making extraordinary luxuries available at a personal level offering concierge services of the highest decree, where ultimate luxury serviced villas can be experienced without a hassle. Spa services, professional chauffeurs, private jets, elite chefs, and their heavenly cuisines are just a few tastes of what The Nightfall Group has to offer. 

What's made it thrive in the unthinkable times? It's the CEO's sheer will, decision-making, and vision. An example, a pioneer and an inspiration, The Nightfall Group's fantastic concierge business is supported by outstanding customer service. 

On the home run to be the most sought-after concierge firm in not just Monaco, where it has already taken over the market like in LA, Dubai, and Saint Barthelemy – The Nightfall Group eye's the world now. You can check out their website at www.nightfallgroup.com and Instagram instagram.com/thenightfallgroup.


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